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Slideshows in forum topics Answered

zachninme put together this sweet way to embed slideshows in forum topics. I'm posting it because it requires HTML in the body of the text, and only admins can do that.

What do you think? Is this something you would use?

The images in the Slideshow below are from this forum post. They are not from an existing Slideshow.

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I've got to admit, slideshows are starting to lose their novelty for me, since most don't show how the stuff was made (which is the whole point of this site, no?).

But ... could the same code be used to add a slideshow as a single step in a "proper" Instructable? Say, to show off the finished product, or to explore a tricky step from several angles?

Slideshows aren't meant to show how something was made. They are meant to show off something you've made so that it can inspire others.

Hey Eric, I see ghosts in those pictures. You can see them by the white orbs.

Yeah, I think those are dust particles highlighted by the flash. Oh wait, maybe I've got proof of a supernatural encounter!

So may I make an instructable to see if you have ghosts in your house?

There not dust particles. I know because I have some pictures that have the same white orbs. I have real proof so HA. Instructables Rocks, bobbyk881

Oh... What is that place that you guys are at? Do you know if it was made on top of an ancient indian burial ground? lol Also do you know if anyone died there?

Also should i post an instructable on how to tell if you have a ghost in your house? If I do can I use those photos for a part of the instructable? I will give credit to you and any one else who gives me photos. Instructables Rocks, bobbyk881

No! Sell them on eBay!

It would be more forum friendly if you could make a slideshow specifically for a forum topic..... as in it wouldn't appear in the recent instructables.... but I could embed it in just the forum topic

I mean... I guess what I'm saying is... I'd hate to see a bunch of random slideshows that were posted just for forum topics in the Instructibles pile Also.... being able to add a personal slide show to your user page would be cool..... we could post pics and things we've done on our user page for people to check out if they were looking at your profile

Got it. I probably wasn't clear. You don't need a Slideshow to do this. The images shown above are actually from a forum post. The basic question here is this: would Slideshow-like features be useful in forum posts.

I would have to say yes.... as long as it was simple to, as well as clear to people that the slideshow could be forum specific

Theoretically, you could also embed them in instructables, using the images from the instructable...

Yah, it's personal opinion, I suppose - since I usually look at the the "All" tab, it often seems that the showing off is swamping the showing how.

So you're complaining about seeing Slideshows when you look at the all tab, which specifically includes slideshows!? I've noticed that the quality of Instructables has improved since we've added Slideshows and Videos because users are no longer trying to post Slideshow and Video level content as Instructables.

No, I'm not complaining that I see the slideshows, I'm just saying that there are so many slideshows compared to the number of Instructables, it seems (to me) that slideshows are becoming the preferred method of showing and telling, almost pushing proper 'ibles into a position of less importance.

Could the emphasis of the site be shifting, from "look how I did this" to "look what I did"? Or is that just me being unnecessarily paranoid?

Or am I just being sensitive because my preferred format is the 'ible? (I've only done one video, and that wasn't of my own work).

Or is it just too late at night (here) to have a serious conversation about the site?

Can I emphasise that this is how it seems to me - I haven't counted or anything, it just seems that there are three or four slideshows to every proper 'ible.

The Instructable is my preferred format too. However, a constant criticism of the site prior to Slideshows and Videos was that it was too difficult to author an Instructable, and that the bar needed to be lowered to bring in more people and more awesome projects. So, instead of lowering our expectations for what makes an Instructable, we made other formats that are more accessible. I definitely think that we'll see more and more Slideshows because they are easy to author. However, you'll notice that it's rare that Slideshows or Videos are featured or get popular. If people really want to share what they do with a large number of people, the Instructable is still the best format.

I see your point.

My mind is changed, I think. A late New Year resolution - learn to love slideshows for the input they generate.

Here's the thing, though. Based on what I've seen by looking at the instructables people like noahw have "scolded", there were a lot of 'ibles out there that wanted to be published, but weren't proper.

Now, they're allowed.

I also think that the Lion Brand Yarn Challenge is a *huge* factor in all this.

most don't show how the stuff was made (which is the whole point of this site, no?).

Not necessarily, but I see where you are coming from. When people make a slideshow with a few photos of the finished project and write an intro along the lines of "This is what I made!", I get a little, er, frustrated. I think giving at least a little bit of a how-to would be better.

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! You have ghosts there. If you want to see them look at the white orbs in the pictures.

Thanks :-)
I want to point out that you don't need an existing slideshow to use this: you can take a forum topic, and add a slideshow.
For example, this slideshow is based entirely on this forum topic and the pictures embeded within.

It would definitely be useful! Great job zach!


10 years ago

I cannot begin to explain how much I love this! Nice job, Zach!

I'm sure it could be useful. The knexers could certainly use it...