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Slingshot Bullpup Rifle Mech Answered

Just a mech I made a while ago. Makes for a much more piece efficient slingshot with more power (more barrel length). Makes for a great cross section too.


Looks awesome! Is this your first non replica?

Lol pretty much everything other than what i've posted as 'ibles are non-replicas. I don't like them that much cause they don't fire as well as they could. But looks are sweet to have.

By the way, where are you now?

Just floating around. I dunno a little buzzed atm... but it's 12 something here and i'm tired as anything. I don't really build much anymore. I'm in that contest by 22222222something so mabye that will re-kindle my interest so to speak.

whoa, that was a fast reply from you....

Really cool, looks very reliable. However, I prefer the sipriani ratchet.


8 years ago

I like it! However, something similar has been done before.

awesome, although, doesnt look too much like a bullpup.

Nice. I like the mech. Innovative. If you don't post that's fine I'll build off the pics.

nicee. for a while i thought you had quit knex and ibles.... i did kinda. i go on like 1 time a week maybe less. mainly cuz everyone left like the dunkis

You live...? Nice gun anyway, I like the mech.