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Slingshots Answered

Whats up with all the slingshots? I logged on and checked the recent knex instructables and I saw at least 4 slingshots. We get it, they're powerful, but you dont have to post every single gun you make, especially if it's been done before. And yes I know, "But it haz diferent triger!!!11!!!one!" Oh well, you don't have to post it.


well, mepain has been saying single shots are better than mag guns, so everyone thinks that a sling gun is an awesome project to take on because nobody will hate on their ible, since that its not a block trigger, and they shoot far, and is powerful.

And is Mepain right? Buck the crowd seriously. Single shots are only better because people are too afraid to take on the challenge of a special repeater with the stats of a single shot. And that also takes him back to the main point- We already have plenty so if we really want to make a gun for power then we'll make one of the previous ones so unless you guys add something original you shouldn't really bother.

"a special repeater with the stats of a single shot" like knexsayer?

Yes although it could still be improved. The Knexsayer is a lot closer but its limit is eight shots (which is pretty decent) and you have to load each shot in the front of the gun afterwards and being as big as it is it wouldn't be a big hassle but it would still be rather annoying in the middle of a war. We need to find some way to push the ammo from a magazine into the barrel separately instead of the ammo loading straight up. This would get rid of the jamming that occurs between the rods and it would get more strength also from placing the ammo farther up than from where the magazine is.

Knexsayer is a lot closer but its limit is eight shots (which is pretty decent) and you have to load each shot in the front of the gun afterwards and being as big as it is it wouldn't be a big hassle but it would still be rather annoying in the middle of a war.

Uhh, not really.

8 80 ft shots that take less than 10 seconds to reload a whole turret. Yup, annoying.

We need to find some way to push the ammo from a magazine into the barrel separately instead of the ammo loading straight up. This would get rid of the jamming that occurs between the rods and it would get more strength also from placing the ammo farther up than from where the magazine is.


Also, have fun reloading your magazine in a war, which is obviously not as annoying as reloading a turret.

That's where you have detachable, preloaded magazines. Giving up the time to load before the war would be better than during the war. Anyways that isn't the only limitation to the Knexsayer I was just saying. It would be better to have a gun with a quick detachable magazine with a capacity of 20+ rods and compact in size but with the same amount of power. All I'm saying is that the Knexsayer is a great gun but a lot of people could still, if they tried hard enough, make something even better.

i agree with u
my new assault pistol isn't perfect
but i believe it is the best all around gun for close quarters K'nex combat
my friends wanted to have a K'nex battle
so i built some of the top rated rapid fire K'nex guns just 2 test them out
i knew the designs weren't perfect just by looking at them
but i didn't expect them to be as terrible as i found them out to b
so unsatisfied with what was out there i began to design my own ultimate K'nex battlefield weapon
here r some specs
smaller the better
i figured the less pieces used the better
fewer pieces equals easier build and more people can build it
small design means that it is easy to use in battle
removable mags r a must!
ill finish the specs in a sec

the spiff
the I am Canadians assault pistol thing
the bkgw whatever its called
all of those guns had low ammo capacity and didn't use removable mags
the spiff was the most reliable but had low ammo capacity and was a pain to load especially in the middle of a battle
and power was lacking at best
the trigger system worked but was super stiff maybe thats y he called it the spiff lol jk
the I am Canadian assault pistol shot well when it shot
but it had a tendency to jam often
the barrel is twice as wide as the ram
and the front of the barrel is only large enough for one projectile to be fired through it at a time which means
since the trigger mech pushes down on the ram from above
this pushed the ram down which allows the ram to hit 2 projectiles at a time an considering the whole at the front of the gun is only big enough to allow 1 projectile threw at a time this equals the front of the gun blowing apart and this happens often
the fixed mag could probly hold 15 shots but because it isn't designed super strong only 10 shots should b loaded to prevent the fixed mag from messing up badly
not 2 mention it doesn't have removable mags so loading isn't a strong point
so overall id say the gun is build strong but the design is faulty
the bkgw 1 an 2 r better and worse than the others
first off no removable mags
max loading capacity 10 shots
pain to load in battle
the bkgw1 doesn't even work unless u mod the mag
cause the mag is wider than the bullets an the ram only enters the chamber about a 1/2in
i find that hilarious lol
the ram is uncomfortable close to ur trigger hand so pulling the ram back is super painful unless u let go of the handle and pull back then grab the handle an then pull the trigger but that takes a while an ur gun isn't staying on target
the bkgw2 is basically the same as the bkgw1 except it has a must have improved fixed mag
still only loads 10 shots at a time
and has all the same flaws as the original
the bkgw1 an 2 both for whatever reason have terrible lack of power
i test all the guns with an equal number of rubberbands
so those r just a few of the problems there r more with all of them
now with that being said they r unfortunately still the best option out there if u r looking for a good K'nex battle weapon
o ya by the way the Vicci assault pistol was the best gun i made on this site
not bad but didn't have a removable mag
the back of the gun work break upon impact of the ram an
the barrel was weak and would break apart
but overall the design was better than the rest
by the way i like ur guns but im afraid that power is lacking and
they wouldn't be ideal in battle
however they r very cool 2 be perfectly honest with u

back to my assault pistol
so like i said
i wanted the design to be simple
use as few pieces as possible
b compact for tight combat situations
easy to use
non jamming
shoot at least 25ft semi accurately
have a removable easy to use large capacity mags
so that is what i built
the mag holds 25 blue rods
loading a new mag onto the weapon takes about 5secs thats fast!
that includes removing the used mag
the gun almost never jams
put it this way
i wanted to test the guns reliability
so i loaded up some mags and started shooting
500 shots later and still no jams
literally 500 shots or 20 mags however u want to count it up lol
i could have shot more but i was getting bored
the gun is easy to operate
my sister and other small people have no problem operating the gun
they love shooting it at me and other lol
the gun works great and shooting is a riot
literally shoot people with it is so much fun lol
anywho ive got to get a camera so i can post it along with my v2
which ive descided to mod a bit
sry for writing u a novel lol
long story short i agree with u
the Knexsayer is a cool build but thats about it
the pump action doesn't allow for lots of rubberband power
the design is huge considering it only can shoot 8 shots before it needs to be reloaded and it isn't going to shoot any better than any other single shot gun that doesn't use fins so max effective range has only got to be 35ft or so at best
ttyl tell me what u think of all this lol

What I find hilarious is that you think 25 feet is a good enough range for your gun but you say that bbkwg has a lack of power? 25 feet is awful. You don't have to put down other guns to make your gun seem better. A gun should be judged on how good it is, not how good it is compared to other guns.

Bakenbitz, 25 feet is good compared to the bkwgs or whatever. They litterally shot 5 feet, and the mag stank, it was a pain to load and exploded when you shot it most of the time.

I recommend reading the comments on the bbkwgs. There is not one person who said it shot 5 feet. Most claimed 50 or more. And who are you?

I am you and killerks stalker. I read the comments, and I suppose that my gun was like killerks where it turned out bad. Still like your other things.

I doubt his AP will happen anyway mate! XD Judging on his last SR-V2 performance!

my gun can get over 50ft but it is designed to be shot at a distance of around 25ft all im saying is that for whatever reason ur gun doesn't transfer much power to the projectile im not meaning to put ur gun down im sry i don't mean to b so mean im just trying to go over a few pros and cons of multiple designs i do however think that ur design is one of the best out there not trying to suk up but seriously it has its good points and its bad u have to agree with me on that i like how solid ur trigger is honestly all was trying to do is take the best combat weapons on this site and review them sry to sound so harsh i do enjoy ur work an have learned a lot from ur designs

The bbkwg did practically invent the assault pistol/war weapon. I'm not sure how many other super compact repeater designs there were before it so of course it may have had some bugs but people have gotten it to work very well. If you're able to top this that'll be impressive.

i tried making an equivalent/alternative to it an other top ranked K'nex repeater designs if u think about it unaided K'nex rods will only shoot so far they r unstable in flight which dissipates energy quickly so no matter how much force is used to propel the rods it will only travel so far due to the rods lack of aerodynamic characteristics and b/c the rods r very light and can't push threw the air very well so trying to make a simple repeater that shot long distances wasn't my goal my goal was to make a simple repeater that was reliable an easy to use i think those r the two most important characteristics when it comes to repeating designs the accuraccy of nearly all K'nex guns is around 25ft max im not saying u can't shoot further im just saying u can't point an shoot further than that with standard rods so my design is designed to b shoot at distances within 25ft but 50ft targets r in arched range

Don't worry about being mean I like to hear feedback, but I just don't know why your bbkwg was so bad. I've gotten comments about them shooting 50-70 feet so I just don't understand the problem with yours.

Lol you get the message. He also commented on the other problems of your AP though not just power. I wish people would understand that for things like side arms. Even if you only could get like 25 feet with a little pistol it's just that, a little pistol and it gets decent range.

He said the mag holds 25 blue rods, the gun cannot be as little as he says it is.

Yeah most likely not but y'know killerk isn't very big in the repeater department so whatever comes out of him will be surprising.

You should have asked for a camera for christmas... And how big is the assult pistol?

I demand a medal now. Why? I read all of that. Yeah I was going to make a series of war weapons after this. I was going to make something to compete with the spiff which was going to include a removable magazine and possibly a slide. I know I said this a lot but I want to make a system where the ammo is pushed out of the magazine into the barrel like a real gun to have better reliability and more power. I also want to make a trigger behind the handle gun for a very compact low caliber weapon with good power. I'm also thinking about making the UMP I have into a UMPk as in an interpretation of a shortened version of the real gun might look like for the sake of having a more compact weapon for war as the gun uses a very easily detachable high cap. magazine like you want.

Without fins your bullets will flop around hopelessly, try it outside...

I've got answers for that too. I've been experimenting.

taping the front of K'nex rods does increase the range however it is very inconsistent and far from accurate if u r going to tape the front u my as well make fins fins r semi easy to make once u know how and r extremely effective if u r looking for power/accuracy fins r the way to go

Yeah I found even just adding some quickly made fins with tape even in a horrible fashion will still improve range as long as they were made decent enough. Mine went spinning in spiral but the range was still improved greatly because the fins kept the rod straight.

or i should probly say one of the types of ammunition used with the v2


i am not sure right now, because his main point was that mag guns were not reliable. also, we can do a lot with sling guns, killerk didnt cover everything with the SRv1-2.

Exactly both of the things you said I addressed above. Guns with magazines aren't reliable because no one bothers to make them reliable. Connectors make for very reliable ammo in guns. For example the UMP never jams (although it has shooting problems as a result of the barrel and not the magazine, chamber, or pin but I'll fix that). And yes there are a lot of things we can do with slingshot guns so Jollex was saying why aren't we making anything new then? He just pointed out that all of them aren't that different except for triggers and stuff like that. I'm going to take on both of these challenges soon enough.

but connector r weak so u can't use much power on the ram cause the connectors will split i looked into connectors as ammo and they have there pros an cons

look, there are rbgs, sllingshots and rams. What else is there? NOTHING! so slingshots are still top of the line.

Sling shots are pretty much a down graded rbg. You can get rbgs to shoot knex pieces too. That's what I'm planning on doing too is combining them. People are still way to obsessed with power. Ever since the KIers left it seems no one even thinks about innovation anymore. Everything is a war weapon. The only reason that I haven't became a complete KIer too is that they're also in the same situation except every time something innovative comes up they at least acknowledge it.

? Ibles is way better than KI! The idea of KI is better, but it was poorly executed.

I know. I was hoping to make our own knex forum where I would have made it so that those that weren't attracted by KI would be attracted to mine. I was planning on putting in some really important mods in right away and then leave some less important ones for updates. I probably wouldn't be able to have things like the shop but the forums themselves would be better done.

Well, it's the organization I don't like. The way that you can't see all of a persons projects by clicking on them. Basicly instructables, but something like knexables (you would have to ask eric) but that would be awesome! If he would make a seperate web names knexables, that was exactly the same but with a diferent name so we would not get haters! (I bet it would get the same amount of traffic!)

Usually forums have the option of viewing the topics made. Another feature I was going to do was a group spoiler code. As in you could stick spoiler codes in spoiler codes so that you could have a very compact signature but still throw a lot of things into it. Then when you want to view someone's projects you could just look in their signature and then click a link to their project. I know how to make clickable images by placing the correct bbcodes in a certain way. Does that sound like a good enough idea for you?

What I want is so that if you click on the name, you see a list of links of what that person has posted.

Well technically this would work then because if you click on the person you can check their sig. I know it's not quite like Instructables but all you would have to do is click on the spoiler in their sig and a list of others spoilers would pop up. They would have the project names listed for the other spoilers. You click on the spoilers to open up an image with link so you can take a glimpse as their project and then visit it if you want to. That's my dream anyways. Now does that sound good enough? One should be able to view the signature in someone's profile anyways.

I know I wanted to see if KI could get this to work but now I think I'll just keep it for myself. Plus I still need to find a spoiler code that will work when you put another spoiler code inside of it. The one I gave to KI doesn't work like that nor can you name them.

i think that ur idea of a combo is good. but i think rbg is a downgraded slingshot