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Slow orangeboard - not a bug, though. Answered

There was a good idea in another topic to use your OrangeBoard as a note-pad for on-going projects.

That reminded me:

My orangeboard is very slow.  It's not a bug, it's size (1100+ comments).

Is there any way of speeding it up?

Apart from going through all 1100 comments, deleting them one at a time, that is...


Maybe make it so you see the first 50 comments, and after that, it's a seperate page?

 That should be about 5 minutes in greasemonkey, if the system doesn't already do it. :D

You know me a scripts - I'd have to give you my passwords...

I what you a what?

No, you shouldn't have to give me your password, not for display purposes, anymore than you need a password for the colored headers. :)

Doh, me and scripts...

Would things get sped up, though?  Have you clicked on my orangboard recently?

No, neither have I...

Well, if the slow-down is due to increased posts, then yes, it would speed up.

Yes, I did yesterday - didn't notice the effect, though. 

When somebody else looks at your OB (i.e., through the "member/XXX" URL, rather than through "you/"), they only see the first 100 posts, with a nice little Next button to step through in chunks.  It's a pity the I'bles folks didn't simply use the same server side function to generate the you version.

See www.instructables.com/member/Kiteman/ for example.

.  This topic sounds more like a brag than a complaint. :P

Looking forward to it!
BTW, when did you do the data pull for stats? My Best Answers counts have gotten much better in the past couple of months. I've been using a Swedish-made Stats Enlargement Pump in an attempt to reach Kiteman-like proportions. That sort of thing is my bag, baby.

"In your bag."  That sounds more like a surgical modification....

Cool. When the cards are ready, we'll have to get a bunch of folks together for a game. I may be in London sometime during the summer of 2012....

2012? I'll try remember to bring a deck comprised solely of Eric and Christy and give you one of just Kiteman (he's rubbish don't ya know ;) ). :D

If it's all the same to you, I'll take a few NachoMahma's in that deck, too. He can kick anybody's butt. He's like the Chuck Norris of Instructables.

Why does the Earth revolve on its axis? Chuck Norris spins it under his feet, trying to run away from Nacho.... ;-p

:-P  Yourself!

I bet your orangeboard is just as... oh, I'm so sorry.

.  I don't know whether to laugh or cry ... byte me!  heehee
.  I have thinned mine out a few times but total number of comments ever is probably less than 150.

 Noobs, it's how you use it that counts...seconded! heehee

Load your profile instead of clicking on a comment link.  It should load up like 50 comments instead of the entire orangeboard.  Mine's more than double the size of yours, and it loads just fine however.  

You want to clear out your OB? There's an app Perl script for that!!

I saw that topic too, have started keeping notes on my OB. You too?

Darn. Instructables cleared the formatting on that comment. "app" was meant to be struck out.

Oh, you know me and scripts!

Now that I am thinking about it, though, what I would like is a tick-box beside each top-thread post of the board, so I can simply check and delete.