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New Low-piece Crossbow Answered

I was building crossbows all over the place this weekend, at one moment I had one that was twice as large as the Reaper, but I lacked pieces to make it sturdy. This started out as a low amount of pieces Reaper, but I eventually made it a small crossbow which has about 80-95% of the Reapers power. Although it has the power and probably also the distance, it doesn't have a double arrow trigger(only one arrow) and I don't think it is able to fire properly without trigger. It is however, compared to the Reaper very practical, light and easy to fire/load. Btw there are 4x3 rubberbands on it in pictures. I don't know if I am going to post this one though, maybe if its really needed :P


come on post it already!!!!!!

Then I will have to make a new one(small ofc)...but this time I will actually post it..sorry to have you waiting for so long : |

thanks. your reaper is the best cross bow on this site.

when are you going to post? you said some where around may 10. can you give me an estimate of when you are going to post?

can you please post?

Yeah man please post!

huh, not bad. mabe you sould put some braces on the bar. P.S. i put on 8 rubberbands on the reaper and it shot(guestimating) 50 yards! thats with the pircing arrow(i lost it somewhare between over the camper and in the woods LOL

Yours can still fire piercing arrows? Did you already made your Reaper longer and put at least chains of 4 rubberbands on it? I think it greatly increases its power :P

i didnt make it longer because yes it does make it shoot longer but it also puts alot more strain on the rubber bands which means more likly to snap sooner. i do got a chain of 4 and i reenforced the bow part with diagonally with yellows whenever ther is like a blue cube(suprizingly, makes the bow alot more stronger) and i also have 8 chains of rubberbands on it ps. the blue that holds the rubber band chains was not stable enough so i had to put like 4 on one and 4 on another. P.s.s. if you want me to upload some pic on this, i will if you dont getr it.

I never had to put on more then 4 rubberband strings of 4, which have not ever snapped. Also I know loads of places where you can strengthen it

just a little comment, the piecrcing bullets sometimes go farther because the white connector somtimes flattens aout and acts as a wing. its pretty cool.

i did notice that piercing arrows do fly farther. i never notice that about it. plus they fire better. i also think sence it is heavier, it can hold more kinetic energy, which in turn means more power(basicly, its lick throwing a rock and a feather, the rock goes way farther

Wow, I didn't know that yet. :o Sounds cool lol I actually never succesfully fired them outdoors, because I already made the Reaper longer, which in return for more power, stops you from firing the '2 rod' arrows.

Not exactly "low piece" but looks nice.

Well yes...but it is alot less pieces then the Reaper

Luv it! looks really practical.

That will have to wait till at least next saturday, as I don't have my knex with me atm and you would like to build a few of them? Lol, I wonder how many pieces you have O.o.

LOL you built my ammo holder. that looks like another good crossbow, good job!

Well after some testing indoors it is not as powerful as the Reaper, as it only leaves big holes in plywood.

well, i got eight and it shoots REALLY FAR