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Small Mural Answered

I has been 15 or so years since I attempted any serious wall art. Here is a mural I am still working on. I hope to add more pics to share the evolution of a single wall.  Next layer is the structure of the arches as I attempt to create aged and distressed stone archways wall. Thanks for checking it out!  Open to constructive criticism.  I couldn't get the order of progress when I uploaded. 


Keep all your "in process" photos, and this would make a good instructable.

Thank you Kiteman, I was hoping it would be an accepted instructable. I'll keep up on the photo taking. This inspires me to keep working on it as time permits.

very nice
I would add 3D lines to the arches and a sailboat to the water in the distance and fishing boats in the foreground.

You must be nestled in my head...Thanks, I was thinking along those lines also!