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Small Site Changes Answered

I've just released a small set of changes:
  • new footer
  • featured and popular items are now split out by channel
  • home page shows both featured and popular items in the same list
  • searching on an exact channel name gets you to the main page for that channel
  • various small formatting fixes
There is also a new backend process to check for Pro members whose membership is about to expire but is not set to be automatically charged, to email them and see if they want to renew it.  However we screwed this up a little, as the email text wasn't completed and it is pretty much incomprehensible. Some of you will have received a rather confusing email, which you can totally ignore; we'll fix this and try it again in another couple of days.  My apologies to anyone who got that!

Also for a short time there was a display problem for all unpublished instructables (and like 20 published ones), but that has been fixed.  If you were editing during this time don't fear, your work was not lost.  Go try again now.