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Small animals levitated by sound Answered

If anyone is looking for an advanced cool project, here it is: Acoustic Levitation. Scientists at Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xian have used sound waves to levitate small creatures while they are still alive, without causing them any apparent harm.


"The levitating force is strongest when the object is about the same size as the wavelength of the ultrasound waves." A wavelength of 5 to 6 feet would be an extremely low frequency and I'm sure not too comfortable to our bodies or ears. I guess we won't see ourselves levitated in the near future...


11 years ago

I'll ask the obvious question: Can we scale it up? If so, can I use it to mobilize my army of super-deadly ro- i mean...nevermind......you'll all see soon enough...

I've put the original Nature News article in instead. The problem with Nature News is that it's only free for a week, so the original link will die. Furl saves webpages for you, but I didn't realize you had to log in to see the ones I've saved. There has to be a better solution to this problem!

Eric your link just takes me to a furl(Whatever that is) login page