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Small, simple LED project Answered

I'm 3D printing a small translucent object that I'd like to light with a single LED. I'd prefer the assembly to be as small as possible, powered by a "watch battery" or two. It need not even have a switch; if the battery is in, it's on. It need not flash or be controllable in any other way. What electronic components do I need for something like this?

Huge thanks!




Thx, agis. Pretty good idea and I have a heat gun around here somewhere.

better then applying ANY heat to a battery cell, is the simple piece of springy contact metal. like battery holders have.


4 years ago

One big issue is allways how to connect wires or leds in this case on the two poles of a button cell. The best to have is a mini welder machine but lack of it the best way is by enclose the cell in heat wire cover of about 25mm or 30mm diammeter. You place the cell in one of these cutted by 20mm long and then place the wires on every pole and the just heat the isolation (better with heatgun) and its tight connectio ready to use....cheap and easy

Really small? Just the LED and a watch battery - have a look at LED throwies.

They aren't so easy to connect to your cell, though.