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Smallest Truegger Gun Answered

I made this just for lols. You could probably make this design even smaller or make another design that's smaller. I'd explain it to you but I'm sure you have the 8 pieces required to make this and the 10 seconds to put it together. Surprisingly it gets like a good two meters. Maybe a last move of desperation in battle? Say you're going to ally with someone and as you're about to shake ha--BAM! lolz lik omgz uber pwnge.



I built something like this once, except those red connectors were green connectors.


8 years ago

LOL! viewed, read and built in under 20 seconds.

 oh i had an idea, make tons of these then put them in a mag, and that way you could have one hundred percent semi auto awesomeness

Yeah I already did. I take it my topic hasn't shown up yet. Click my name and go to my most recent forum post.

 you serious? ive been trying but i havent been able to figure out how to get rid of the shells. oh and im working on a shotgun, with shells 2. im a bit stuck

 how does it work?

Magic. It summons a level 62 warlock king to cast spr awsm pwng ray of doom that snaps off the blue connector and shoots it 5 bajillion awesometers to mars.

i thought it would summon a level 67 water god, spray a fantasy blast of bonerific magic, snapped off the yellow connector and flies around like a homing missle :( I wasn't right... (cries like a little 2 year old) 


8 years ago

This is my new war primary.

I'm trying to think up a way to use this firing concept for a semi auto lol. It might make a decent side arm then.

Have you seen that dropping machine gun on youtube? If you connect the trigger to control the drops, then that might work.

I already figured out how to make this semi auto.

Beat you both to it. I made a new topic. It hasn't show up yet so click my name and check my forum topics if you haven't seen the video already.

I thought of it some more, my idea probably wouldn't work.

I've got a good idea working in my head but I wouldn't know how structurally strong it would be without building it and I can't build it until I destroy the assault weapon.

Well, if you can't make it, make it with MCad (or whatever it's called), then someone (like me) can make it, and test it.

1. I don't have enough patience to use that software. It's like texting compared to typing. One can learn to be fast in it but I'll never be as fast as just using my hands. And then I also don't know if it will work. I'll be doing so much work just to find out it might not work instead of making sure each part works as I go. If you want to take my idea go ahead. Basically you just use like a blue or yellow rod and line up connector ammo on it. You can use whatever type of mag pusher you want. You'd probably have to have at least two connectors + black Ys to support one side and then have another one or two on the far other end. I'll see if I can make a rough prototype without using green rods or that many. yellow connectors.

Alright well I just threw together something and it works! It's a true semi auto...technically. It's a little buggy but still pretty good for something so crappy looking. It's more pathetic than the SALSA but hey whatever works. I had to use a spring for the mag pusher because I was too lazy to figure out how to wrap a rubber band around it. I've only tried using 3 blue caps but I'll see if I can get more to work on there.

That would be cool.
All I want now is a decent shotgun, and a decent semi-auto.

Best gun that doesn't use rubberbands EVER MADE! 

added a handle and made the truegger set automatically, this thing with a blue clip goes from one corner of my room to the other its so fun to just mess around with.

its to big :P

i made it with mettlicsand i found all the knex i need to get this to work was on my desk =P witch dosent have much nice job


8 years ago

Another P.O.G, But it's TINY  man!

And yes. Tiny. Yet it shoots like 13 feet for me.


8 years ago

LOL. I just made this with knex I found on the floor of my closet!
Anyways, I get more than 2 meters. More like 2.5-3 meters. From shoulder height that is.

I have no idea how this works. And that's if it does. lol

Lol did you make it? Put your thumb behind the red connectors and pull the yellow connector on the side closer to the bottom of the picture. The top half will rotate into the blue cap so that with enough pressure it will pop off. I just made a smaller design that uses dark greys and a red for the trigger but now technically it's not a true trigger gun anymore as you shoot it with your thumb.

Well, it's small...... Just don't start some new fad with this. We already have enough junk on ibles.