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Smallest circuit possible to play an MP3 file.? Answered

What would i need to make the smallest mp3 playing circuit ?
I want to make something like this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmcItZCbwsI&feature=player_detailpage#t=22s

:) Thank you



Best Answer 6 years ago

There are digital recorders on a chip. THey need very few extra parts to work. That's what I would use to do what you are trying to do.

Any idea of a Model or some keywords i could search for? ;)

ISD2560 is a good recorder chip for something like this: 1 chip, 1 speaker.


The _smallest_ circuit possible? Simple! Find a good design program for mixed (linear and logic) semiconductor circuits. Design power switched supply, storage access, user interface drivers, MP3 decoder, audio amplifier, flash memory etc. into one package (you may have to buy some IP - but compared to the designer and the following steps it's next to nothing). Then find a semiconductor fab and order some thousand of your custom designed chips. Note: You might order only one, but the price will be just the same... Shouldn't cost you more than a 6 digit figure (choose $ or €, doesn't matter at that scale)
If you find a problem with your design, just start over again. If you want to play it safe, just buy a simulator (another 6-digit figure).
You should be able to get the whole thing in a match box - just like an iPod Shuffle.

But let's get sensible:
If you really want to design your own MP3 player, a) realize that you will not be able to get your product as small as a comercial product, b) look for some available MP3 decoder chips and c) be aware that you wil have to add storage (flash), a micro controller, a supply circuit, a human interface, an audio driver ... and control software for all of it.
Doable but not a trivial task.

BTW, your YouTube link point to a "Frost - Lineage 2 |Squeaking Shoes| " video.

I didn't make myself clear, forgive me.
I want to drill a hole in a pair of shoes and somehow, with a small speaker and a small circuit and battery, make the shoes play a sound whenever I step on the ground. Thats why the video is about squeaking shoes ;)

I found this item on sparkfun ( http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9534 ) that might just do the trick!

But maybe i'll find other good ideas on Instructables.

Nice application - not mainstream, but might be a good source of fun.
(Although I wouldn't invest in a full custom-IC process - probably not a market for some ten-thousands of ICs)

The sparkfun item looks interesting for the job. Yes, get some available ready made solution.

And don't forget to post an I'ble if you made it. :-)