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Smart Digital Clock combined with Raspberry Pi and Google Assistant Answered

I want to make a smart digital clock using Raspberry Pi and Google assistant. I also want it to display the temperature and also to have a regular alarm in it if there is no wifi connection. I am wondering what parts do I need to be able to make this and what do I need to make Google assistant connect other accounts like spotify or anything else?



Answer 11 months ago

I want to have the google assistant to deal with daily stuff like you set up a meeting on some day and tell it to remind me that I have a meeting on that day at that time also to be able to set up the alarm and to tell me the temperature.


Answer 10 months ago

It will do that anyway if you use google calendar. It will set the alarm and tell you the temp, excluding the smart clock.

Build the smart clock I linked to, Take apart a google home and put the electronics in the clock, no idea how hard that may be.