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Smart Phone face glass replacement kit Answered

What this world really needs is a temperature controlled face glass removal and replacement kit.

Most of my working friends that have Smart Phones have broken or shattered touch screens.

A quick search for touch screen replacement provide a bunch of Youtube videos and DIY kits for under $20.

All the vids and kits say that too much, or too little heat will destroy the actual touch sensitive surface under the glass.

The only source of heat they use is a blow dryer.

I already break enough stuff that is not technology that I do not understand.

My brain says a flat aluminum plate with suction holes to hold it in place and act as a handle during removal.

Temperature controlled that can be set to the exact temperature for easy removal and replacement without applying too much pressure on the inner touch sensitive part.

The online kits offer plastic wedges for popping the glass loose when/if you get the right temperature.

An exact temperature face glass removal kit with the necessary wedges or possible strong monofilament fishing line to ease the glass away from the base.

Everything I mentioned is beyond my knowledge and/or skills, but DIY Instructables or even kits to help out friends in need would be awesome and probably a good source of income for the entrepreneur.