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Smash atoms with Lego! Answered

... or at least detect the debris of smashed particles with Lego:

The LHC scientists do not yet have enough data to claim a discovery. But in the meantime, at home in Copenhagen, one physicist Sascha Mehlhase from the Niels Bohr Institute has made a part of the collider, the Atlas detector, out of LEGO toy bricks.

»It took me about 48 hours to build the 3D model on my laptop and another 33 hours to actually put together all the pieces, this whole process spread out over several weeks,« explains Sascha.

The model is made of 9,500 lego bricks and is about 1:50 in scale. There is no construction manual yet, but there will soon be one, he says on his website. The model is very intricate, even showing the innermost pixel detector.

University Post article.

Gallery of images.


That is awesome. I want one.

Thank you, Kiteman, for adding the adendum to your title :-) A pity the article you quoted couldn't get it quite right :-(

The four detector experiments at the LHC accelerator (ATLAS, CMS, ALICE, and LHCb) are not "part of the collider" (i.e., part of the LHC). Rather, they are built around the LHC beamline, at the four places where the two rings are brought into collision.

Another example of lego genius.


6 years ago

May we find the "God Particle"

Merry Xmas to You and All :-O