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Smash labs Answered

I'm watching smash labs andbheres what I have to say: How do they get enough money for all that they use? They smashed dozens of cars, completely covered a trailer home in carbon fiber, and all that stuff?!? Plus I don't like the girl she talks to people like they're idiots.


they don't prove anything. they half ass everything, and they dumb it all down. I'm very disappointed in discovery this year, by that I mean with their new shows. "some assembly required" is the only show that's new and doesn't suck, and even at that it's just a dirty jobs clone, without all the bad puns. Fight quest is just like human weapon, only fight quest sucks and isn't on history channel. And smash labs is like the retarded insest cousin of mythbusters. very disappointed...


10 years ago

I've seen this show twice and yeah, I'd watch it if it was on. I think in the train episode the accelerometer had an arduino inside it.

You might think of Smash Labs as the Red Neck version of Mythbusters, eh ?

almost makes you pity the actors on that show, making a fool out of themselves

Oh I don't know. They probably knew they were getting into a "dumbed done" gig.

I clicked the boring link, and guess what... it was boring... I would have been upset had that link been misleading.

Were you not amused? A non-amusing link promoted as amusing. That's amusing!

Wow, this is the third episode I've seen, and I'm already tired of this show. None of their "small scale experiments" prove anything. How does a chair substitute a car? They say everything dumbed down, and half the time they don't seem to know what their doing, and act like idiots themselves. Mythbusters could do these a thousand times better.


10 years ago

I think it should be canceled. Worst show ever, i got 5 minutes into the first episode and i was searching discovery's site for a contact link to complain. They don't back anything they do, they do it for no reason, the team doesn't do anything themself, their reactions are fake, everything they say is scripted, including their emotions, facial expressions, plans, reactions, i just hate it. Even a simple google search shows that its unanimously hated by everybody, almost all the results are negitive.

The jury is still out from my point of view. I don't care for it as much as Mythbusters, but the episode I saw tonight dealt with hurricane effects on a trailer home, and how to protect it. And they pretty much did protect a flimsy junk trailer from being destroyed by Force 5-7 winds. I thought that rated some interest anyways.

Just judging from the commercials I saw, let me guess. Wrap it in carbon fiber and lots of tie down straps?

The tie down straps were not to protect the trailer, just keep it still so it did not roll away, which it did since the straps eventually gave way. Nevertheless, the trailer, which was a tinny junky one to start with, remained "intact" during the winds they generated that broke the straps and got it to roll a few times. Since I am not able to see it on Wed. when they air, I have to see the repeats on the weekends. It wasn't impressive, but it was worthy of some note. I won't condemn it outright after seeing just one episode. :-)

but what they test wouldn't matter in the real world: Airrated concrete, they should of known it wouldn't do anything as a barrier and the meridean isn't big enough to have the bed. If you could afford all of that carbon fibre and had time to lay it all on you wouldn't be living in an old beatip trailer.

Hmm, I was thinking of a more practical way of having it mass produced in trailers, so it was a bit less expensive. :-) Nevertheless, I did not see the whole episode, only the half hour bit that showed the trailer being hit by a board, and then pummeled by gale force winds.

by covering a trailer in expensive carbon fibre. What are they going to do next? See if they could build a indestructable house out of diamonds?

Would the fiber be more expensive than say, 3/4 " steel ? I don't know, but I am looking at the present at what works at this point.

i dont like smashlabs. i saw the episode on "aerated concrete" and there were sooo many variables they could have tested before they came to a conclusion.

MYTHBUSTERS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!! But smash labs is fun to watch if your bored and stuck inside.

i like mythbusters better....the smash lab thing is dumb...who cares about air rated concrete?...not me!

I haven't tried it. I would rather watch Mythbusters. I probably should give it a shot though.

Give it a watch, but don't expect too much from it. I didn't even bother watching it yesterday.

Yeah. If nothing else is on, it might be worth watching, but I personally wouldn't go out of my way to watch it.

I love this show. I was wondering the EXACT same thing. They have a lot of money to do all this stuff, like the airplane, and everything. And on the one about how they were trying to get that 1 car to go through all the sideways cars (about 6 of them), that girl uses all those hand movements... I don't like her either. She's annoying.

yeah, that girl is ridiculously annoying. my question is how did they get an airplane to blow over the trailer when the mythbusters couldn't get one? i'd rather loan the mythbusters an airplane as opposed to some random people who say they are from discovery channel.

I HATE that show so much. They waste so much money and copy the mythbusters. They should just give there money to the myth busters.

Well I didn't watch it, looked like a budget mythbusters knockoff, and mythbusters has started to pale, to to answer your question.... An hour of TV has approx 16 minutes of commercials, commercial time (according to the google) cost 50K-100K per 30second spot. 1.6 to 3.2 million in revenue per show. Average MSRP for car is 28,000, or 57 cars per show to spend all that money.

I liked the lead ballooon episode it seems like a cheap (expensive) knock off with ameratures that can't properly analyze the situation. Plus a huge waste of money doing stupid test in which they know the outcome

Yeah, from the commercials, my thought was "I could just watch World's Blankiest Blank, on Spike tv".

Turn on Spike TV and there is always a show called something like World's Scariest Explosions, World's Deadliest Police Chases, etc etc etc.

Hence my numerous and sometime disturbing impreessions of sherriff john bunnel who by now must have about fifty shows under his belt, and they're exactly the same except he changed his clothes or sat in an identical but not the same police cruiser

I watched it last week, and didn't care for it too much. And yes, I agree, she does talk to people like they are idiots.

Its tv. smash labs is probably supported by discovery channel. ..... Some people are idiots..... Theres a lot of people who dont know how to drive.