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Smile, humanity! Answered

On the 19th July, the Cassini space probe is being turned around to take a photo of Saturn and its rings.

When they take the photo, Earth will be in the background, so this is your chance to get outside and photobomb an entire other planet!

See here for details of exact timings, but most US, Canadian and Western European members have a chance to be in the shot.

There's also a contest to get your image or music beamed to the stars.



5 years ago

Hmmm, where's my laser pointer... :)

(obligatory "don't point lasers into the sky because it's super irresponsible and my pilot friends would shun me if I did it")

* Unless you are celebrating something in Egypt.

Wow! I couldn't figure out what time I should go out and smile. Can you help please?

It's around 9:30pm in the UK.

Which is about 2:30 in the Ontario aftetnoon.

awesome! thanks for the update!

Now, I know Cassini's cameras are good.., but really..? ;-D