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Smoke bombs that explode on contact - version II Answered

Smoke bombs that explode on contact
my idea is as follows

have an outer layer
inside that you have small glass capsules which will break and ignite the negative-X
then another very very thin shell
then the inner core of a regular sugar & potassium nitrate smoke bomb

the way it works is the bomb will hit the ground causing the the glass around the water to breake causing the negative-X to react then that ignites the smoke bomb which will make smoke billow out a designated hole

ps. if you want to know how to make these things go to
http://www.unitednuclear.com/negx.htm for Negative-X
https://www.instructables.com/id/E6F4H9Z605EP2867LO/?ALLSTEPSfor the smoke bomb


cut tenis ball in half cover inside of the ball with match box stikeing thing (dont know how its called) cover it with match heads add smokemix in the middle, now throw it to a wall and see if it works, throw hard
P.S. best smoke mix I know 10 citric acid ( flavoring, white crystals) and 15 parts of potasium nitrate. make it like sugar one, add few drops of water till moist then cook on low heat and stir. it will not burn, but quickly smudge just perfect for, altough not the cheapest. hope I helped. someone can make instructable out of this I dont care, but let me know if you would like to.

I actually have a recipe somewhere to make "torpedoes". Small round balls that will explode when thrown at the ground. By altering the mix you can make a cloud of smoke, a shower of stars or even a very bright flash and loud boom (lightning torpedoes). Problem is, they are very unstable, they are not easily carried in a pocket for the Ninja warrior get away . They may make your fingers...and maybe a leg....and an eye or two.... not to mention your hair...magically disappear They are dangerous to make, dangerous to store, dangerous use, and in all states they are classified as a high explosive and therefore illegal. Some of the ingredients are no longer readily available, so you better be ready to do some chemistry work to make your own. There are plenty of recipes for smoke bombs out there that actually work better than what you are imagining. So go mess with those and devise a impact fuse to light one of them off. And before you ask.....NO you cant have the recipe!

Impact Firecrackers
The above link is what Lextone was referring to.

A layer of Torpedo type composition over a base smoke filler is clearly the answer. The original suggestion of this thread is far to mechanical.

I WOULDN'T GO TO THIS PAGE ANYMORE!!!!! now that I have your attention, the above link is deemed by trend micro "dangerous". It says that there is malicious hardware on that site. Cracker(original1) I don't know whether this was intentional or not, but if it was, you should be ashamed, if not then you should be happy I caught this before who knows how many people died a horrible virtual death. I do not expect that you did this, it probably wasn't there 4 years ago, and if I have insulted you in any way, I apologize now, it was not intentionable.

Trend Micro is probably just giving a false positive here. These sites should be fine.

Depending on the inside layer "base smoke filler" composition it could be made to "go" very fast such as a Nitrocellulose binded Flash compostion, with smoke additive (use large grain Aluminum Powder) or slow like a Ammonium Chloride-50 parts Potassium Chlorate-35 parts, and Lactose 15 Parts <(Professional recipe)Composition will provide. For the Ignition slurry I would experiment with a Nitrocellulose binded version of the coating they use below>

When a super thick slurry is made using two much NC Lacquer it burns instead of bangs (Experimentation will be completly nessacarry to achieve proper results)

Crack Balls

I like to try to figure out how commercial fireworks products are made. Here’s a case in point. I found these two little colored balls, which, when hit together, make a bang. You would think that if you coat a stone with something that will detonate or burn it would cause a chain reaction and burn all the way around, but it doesn't if you do it using the formula below.

and Remember always be cool and NOT "Kewl" got it :)

Crack Ball Formula
Ingredient Parts by Weight
Potassium chlorate 60%
Sulfur 35%
Dextrin 2%
Powdered glass 3%

The formula will work without the glass, but not as well. The glass helps it to detonate. I had some glass beads from a bead blaster. I used my mortar and pestle to ground it into a fine powder. You could do the same with broken Christmas tree ornaments or any other thin glass using a cheap coffee and spice grinder from Wal-Mart.

I screen the sulfur, dextrin, and glass together, mixing thoroughly.

Never screen chlorate with sulfur. Always use a different screen for the chlorate!

Then I screen the potassium chlorate separately, using a different screen, used only for the chlorate. Do not mix this with the previous ingredients. Keep it separate. Make sure it is reduced to a very fine powder, getting rid of any lumps.

First mix all the ingredients EXCEPT the potassium chlorate together with enough distilled water to create a slurry. It should be thick, but still runny, about the consistency of Elmer’s Glue. Then stir in the potassium chlorate. If the mix becomes too thick, add a little more water. Add food coloring if you want. Then get one of your kid’s paint brushes and paint it on a smooth round stone that you can find at your local creek. Be sure the stone is fairly round, definitely not flat. If you don’t want to paint the rock, you can dip the rock in the slurry. Let dry very well. If you are as impatient as I am, you could use a fan to speed things up a little. These things have to be very dry before you use them.

Honestly, the mixture of the potassium chlorate with sulfur seems to dangerous for any use, even in water. Heck, I wouldn't recommend using potassium chlorate in ANY circumstance due to it having the potential to ignite from contact with so many things, including a screen if metal (!). But chlorate with sulfur is a big, big no no. Seriously, it could explode from anything. The very act of putting it into water could make it explode. I know for a fact the simple act of putting a spoon into a KCl mixture can cause ignition.

I am sure cracker(original1) you know of the risk of the mixture, but for others the risk of chlorates and sulfur is dangerous even for pyrotechnics. As a curious observer, would potassium perchlorate (which is much, much safer) work as a substitute or would it be too stable then?

Hmmm...Good question. Some experimentation is in order. I would say it would be more stable, but with a delayed ignition. Like a strike anywhere match. Lex

plz can i have the recipe i need a good recipe i have one but did not turn out so good i blew a hole in my cement padeo it was awesome for the most part

hmmmmm....naw...I once made some a long time ago. I had a nice work shed on my property a couple hundred feet away from my house. I have since moved to a smaller house in a development and do not have a secluded area to make them. I am a very cautious person and would never attempt to make them, or any pyrotechnic, anywhere near my house.

try glycerin and potassium pernagernate(sp) instead of "negative-x" and water.

glycerin and potassium perchlorate will work to

OR you could use regular natrium-metal.
It ignites on contact with water and it's WAY cheaper than negative-X.

if you were to sit on it it would go off :(

You're really going to spend money on glass for this, just light it and throw it.


11 years ago

Someone once suggested that a mixture of TiCl2 (which smokes profusely on contact with moist air) and Butane (as a disspersant) enclosed in a thin glass vial (just strong enough to keep the butane liquid) might make a actually useful smoke "throw-down." But TiCl2 is expensive and hard to get to try experiments like that...

Your idea has merit, and is essentially similar to that described for several "self-igniting" things in http://www.amazon.com/Dunningers-Complete-Encyclopedia-Joseph-Dunninger/dp/0517010771/ref=sr_1_1/104-0705398-5673512?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1177913821&sr=1-1
Dunninger's Complete Encyclopedia of Magic]; typically they used metallic potassium as the water-activated ignitor. (more unobtainium.) (actually there are several military smoke compositions involving metallic zinc that have water-activation as a undesirable side-effect; allowing some moisture into the otherwise sealed canisters during assembly led to some horrible accidents.)

You DO realize that the smoke throwdown as seen in movies IS a special effect, right? There is no real pyrotechnic device that works that well... Would-be fabricators face the usual pyrotechnic and legal dangers in pursuit of a device which is likely to be described, even when it works, as "pretty lame."

titanium (tetra)chloride creates thick clouds of smoke but would not be practical because the clouds are made of droplets of hydrochloric acid.

i am well aware that the ones in movies are special effects and that there currently isn't a good way to do this (thus making it a dumb idea) but that never stopped me from making something potently dangerous and very explosive to find a way and thank you for the suggestions

hey im thinking potasium to lit the smoke bomb as this burns when it hits water

And how the hell do you make those shells and the glass layer...

a lot of time thought trial error and a few semi-serious burns

Your picture's text isn't readable. Depending on 'thin glass' to break on impact without a striker is iffy at best, if it is surrounded by any kind of a liquid or solid, it isn't going to happen.