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Smoke bombs that explode on contact Answered

my idea is as follows

have an outer layer
then inside that is a layer of a shock reactant chemical or substance
then another very thin shell
then the inner core of a regular sugar & potassium nitrate smoke bomb

the way it works is the bomb will hit the ground causing the first chemical to react then that ignites the smoke bomb which will make smoke billow out a designated hole

my example and original idea includes Nitrogen Triiodide and the regular smoke bomb mixture

ps. if you want to know how to make these things go to
https://www.instructables.com/id/E5YK8KLTDKEQOEX3CK/?ALLSTEPS for nitrogen triiodide
https://www.instructables.com/id/E6F4H9Z605EP2867LO/?ALLSTEPS for the smoke bomb


And in all honesty, I hated chemistry. I just want to make him stop

Turns out the part of making has also changed:


1. Engaging in the business of
importing, manufacturing or dealing
in explosives

(e.g., M-80s, M-100s,
M-1000s, selling stolen explosives)
without a Federal license

§ 842(a)(1), 10 years.

2. Receiving explosives
without a license or permit, § 842
(a)(3)(A), 10 years.

3.Transporting or shipping explosives
without a license or permit, § 842
(a)(3)(A), 10 years,

or in violation of the Hazardous Substances Act (HAZMAT),
15 U.S.C. § 1263, Department of


Distributing explosives to
a person who is not a licensee or
permittee, § 842(a)(3)(B), 10 years.

So again: why is there is a need to know these things unless someone is planning illegal activities anyway?

1. Which country do these laws apply to?

2. The only part of this that may affect a maker is part 1, and I hardly think mixing up some of this would count you as a manufacturer of explosives.

3. This would mean every high school chemistry teacher would be put away for 10 years, which also addresses your question about why there is a need to know these things

4. Why would anyone need to know this? This mixture is taught in basic chemistry classes because its educational. It's relatively safe in the sense that it is almost impossible to create large quantities and transport it anwhere.

5. Just because someone is interested in the chemistry of explosives does not mean they are planning illegal activies. After all, there are career paths that deal with explosives, and you have to know you're interested before you obtain a license. There are many creations on instructables that could be used for illegal things. It's up to the user not to do illegal things with them, it's not up to the website, or another person to deny them the knowledge though.

I just want to note that home made explosives are illigal in any modern country these days.

The nitrogen triiodie is classified as a class A explosive in most countries I know, requiring a licence to even buy it, let alone store and use it.

I highly doubt anyone here asking for explosives is in any way qualified to handle the stuff.

Speaking from experience I can tell you that intial blasting agents like the iodide are no joke - one mistake and it is over!

There are many ways to kill yourself, why are so many people aksing for way that also endanger others??

IMHO topics like these should be deleted for good as they are nothing for people without a license and those that have one don't need an ible for it.

Knowledge is valuable. Attempting to stem any type of information because you don't think people need it is a shallow view point. Here in the US at least, we don't assume people are criminals just because they want to know how to build things that may be dangerous. People that ask questions should get answers, if the answers involve dangerous instructions that's fine as long as its made known so they can approach the project safely. Back in high school we explored nitrogen triiodide in chemistry class, and if you view the link that the author here posted, its fairly common. Instructables is not here to stifle knowledge.

instead of nitrogen triiodide, you know those fun snaps, get a box of them unwrap them and put the rocks in where the nitrogen triiodide is. You will also get a nice loud SNAP improving the effect

i need to make a exlplosve charge that goes off on impact any ideas for chemicals nmastor of chaous seems to know

use on rough concrete as follows:
Take a tennis ball
Cut a small hole in the top
Cut small pieces of ping pong balls put them in
put match heads inside
Put a wick in the hole
Glue just a bit around it to keep it in
Rub the wick with a bit of quick ignite lighter fluid like zippo
Take a circular piece of flint that is flat
Drill a hole in the middle
Put the wick through the hole put it all the way down to the ball
Super glue it
Throw it the flint will spark if you throw it right the spark will hit the wick quickly igniting it all in the matter of a second or 2

If you used a unpure solution of ammonia nitrogen triiodine, it would be slightly more stable. It would still be unstable. I don't think the nitrogen triiodine would ignite the smoke mixture.

I like this idea, in a way. Cap guns use small doses of gun powder to create an effect. If you made a shell by drying a water mixture in two half spheres, then connected them with a kind of putty it might work. The shell would have to be only partially gunpowder, I would cut it with flour to make the shell solid.

Actually cap guns use armstrong's mix - which is red phosphorus and potassium chlorate - that characteristic smell from a cap is the red phosphorus, and there's no other smell like it! Very different from gunpowder...

Armstrong's mix is more stable than NI3, but still dangerous; I would recommend starting off with very small quantities until you are familiar with it's properties- a pile the size of a pencil eraser hit with a hammer is as loud as a gunshot! When I make it I use a full face mask, gloves, and tongs - the safest way to deal with sensitive explosives is to know their blast radius... As long as your body parts are outside if it, you wont have to deal with the shock wave shredding the flesh off your fingers if it accidentally explodes, and tongs and those reaching claw-things that old people use are a good way to keep your hands away from potentially dangerous blast radii while mixing and assembling. (Shrapnel can still blind you - but that's why you wear protective gear, right?) Every time I see some kid holding an M-80 in his hand to lite it I cringe- if that dumb s**t would only use a torch or stick lighter he would not be risking blowing his hand to shreds (explosive force decreases exponentially with the square of the distance (excluding shaped charges) so the difference between 8" and 2" is incredible)

I would recommend something that resembles a WWII naval mine, with little nubs protruding out that when struck will initiate the smoke compound. Also I would use a prime layer to ensure reliable transfer of initiation between the primary and the base (most impact-sensitive explosives will not have a sufficient duration to start candy smoke burning)

Still has room for improvement, but hey, don't underestimate the guy your talking to.

Get a tennis ball and drill a small hole in it. then break off strike anywere match heads off into it till its full. Then trow. It will either explode or just flame.


11 years ago

"nitrogen tri-iodide " is so sensitive you wouldn't be able to pick this up for the purpose of throwing it. Traditional fireworks "torpedoes" use a much less sensitive mixture (that it nevertheless scarily sensitive to work with.) Gravel is usually involved to amplify friction or create friction from impact. I believe firefox has a book that includes "ninja-style smoke devices."

Do you mean Foxfire? and if you do, what one would it be in?

No, "firefox" is (before it became a web browser) a company that specializes in selling pyrotechnics and fireworks chemicals and literature to hobyists.  Go here and search for Ninja:  http://www.firefox-fx.com/literature.htm
(this is the sort of "literature" that runs $0.50+ a page for xerox copies of somewhat questionable value.  Sometimes it's a useful collection of info from scattered sources with new and practical advice, sometimes it's little more than a copy of something you could have found on the net...  I have not looked at their literature in detail and can't offer an actual review.)

 NI3 is EXTREMELY sensitive.  One couldn't  even transfer it into a bomb if it were dry. 

Would it be any safer or more effective with mercury fulminate instead of nitrogen triiodide?

wouldn't mercury be more dangerous if you took a breath of it, though?

I have a better, safer idea:


if you were to some how slow down the decomposition of nitrogen triodide then it would be safer to handle, and by slowing it down it would give the smoke mixture time to ignite/begin oxidization

No it is far too dangerous to use as much NI3 as will be needed. Besides if the smoke bomb starts burning, it is a hazzard and produces less smoke. And it would be hard to transport it as well

Dude. That's Exactly the same explosive he's using.


9 years ago

The NI3 would explode once you touched the smokebomb or otherwise agitated it.


10 years ago

try mixing the nitrogen triodide with the smoke bomb solution before they harden. Or put the nitrogen triodide in the center so the smoke bomb takes up most of the impact and make it less sensitive. Does nitrogen triodide require air to burn?

Nah 2NI3 = N2 + 3I2
but I think it is way to sensitive to be used, it might explode in your hand!
Maybe Pop Pops
(the little things you throw at the ground)

the heat from the smoke bomb before it hardens would dry the nitrogen triiodide and ignite it

what if i put the nitrogen triiodide in a nut shell and glue it back together, then let the smoke bomb cool a little before encasing the nut in the it?

would you go through that much trouble for a smoke bomb, or are you saying this purely for the sake of theory

well if you're gonna do something, might as well use some effort anyway it would be cool to see it actually work.

make a ball of the standard smoke bomb mixture and while its still hot, stick strike any where match heads all over it

Dunno if anyone else has mentioned/thought of it, but if you want an impact device, how about using the old blank cartridge/marble device? All you do is tape/glue or whatever a marble to the primer on a blank. I used to love these things I would fire them out of my sling shot, BANG! This I know is a bit primitive, but it's just to give you an idea, you can jazz it up as much as you want, but I think a blank round is the way forward on this one. Also a good smoke producer is newspaper soaked in ammonium nitrate solution, cheap to produce and light as hell. You could make some semi-decent one's with NaClO3. Don't screw around with ANTI.

A word of advice to anyone going to try to make one of these DO NOT use nitrogen triiodide (NI3). I doubt you would be able to pour NI3 in without detonation, look at this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KlAf936E90&NR=1

If you still want to try this Please use something more safe like Armstrongs mixture and you will still need to be VERY careful when putting that in the casing. Good luck!

we've long since known that this idea would not work because it is so sensitive it would go off with in your hand

You may want to think in some different ways. You could have two chemicals that are mixed on impact to create smoke, or look into the mechanical impact fuses used in early hand grenades (WW1 for reference period). You could place the smoke mixture inside an impact sensitive shell, light it, and throw it. That way the smoke would be ready when it hits, but you would have to light it before throwing.

Some part of my time stamp is mixed up, by about half an hour slow : )

also i mostly want to know if anyone has any ideas and if this would work

Nitrogen Triodide wouldn't set of the smoke charge. What you can do is try using a strike any where mach head, which will ignite under the right circumstances.

The basics of this idea are "sound", however Nitrogen Triiodide is ABSOLUTLY! not the right compound for this idea! As has been mentioned a very thin coating of 50/50 Antimony Trisulfide and Potassium Chlorate might work with some smoke compounds. Surely though an in between ignition layer of a Starter Composition would be necessary. Possibly a Black Match coating would suffice.

thank you i didn't want to go and make this stuff if it was just going to blow up in my face, and not make smoke, thats why i asked any ideas from you guys