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Smoking instructables? Answered

so, would smoking related instructables be frowned upon? i was thinking about instructions on how to smoke/hide your smoking blend of choice, there will be no pictures of me smoking weed, since i don't smoke weed, i will include pictures of me smoking legal smoking blend (damiana), will people rate low just because? is it worth all the negative feedback?


You tend to get a mixed response, if you build something good and show/explain it well you'll fare better.
Polishing your words  & text would help people to take you more seriously too.


Well I don't see anything against it, you will always get the odd person Who'll whine about smoking and health but if its a good ible it should stand on its own, i hope...

well, there will probably be pictures of me smoking, but not smoking anything illegal, most of them will be how to make some of the crazy things ive smoked out of, as well as ingenious stash containers

Use the reply button otherwise I won't see if you responded to me (just came across the topic again that's why I saw it this time)

But yeah I would love to see some ingenious stash containers. that would be a great ible possibly could get you featured to! I would start with an ible about those stash containers and how you perhaps make them (I know some containers like a cd box that has a hidden cabinet inside it or something like that would be really great to see)

A small advice but I wouldn't literary say marijuana. I would silently hint at it. Possibly say something like "if you don't want your mom to find out your smoking or for some of those sometimes frowned upon herbs...

Looking forward to see what you come up with!

P.S.: Don't forget an ible is about making something. So don't go making an ible about where you can stash it and nothing more ;) (just some friendly advice :) )

Well as long as there are no illegal smokewares advertised and the information you are giving in the ible is truelly usefull for smokers I don't see a problem.

And probably one or two people are going to make a fuss but just delete those. I would totally go for it though :)

Don't forget though to add pictures of your own it will make the instructable better :)