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Snail Graffiti Answered

Most graffiti writers want to go big, but Slinkachu continues his fascination with the tiny with incredibly small graffiti on snails. Slinkachu has been working on the amazing Little People project and this is a continuation of the miniature exploration. It's all worth checking out.

via Neatorama


it just rained so snails are everywhere I gotta try this

please don't purchase snails and set them free unless you are 100% certain that that particular species already exists in the wild there. You don't want to introduce the snail equivalent to kudzu to your area.

aww. that's so cute. is it bad for gary though? gary's the snail from spongebob for those of you uncultured ones.

This is amazing. I'll probably end up buying snails, painting them, then setting them loose in places they're not supposed to be (malls, people's homes, people's CARS, you get the idea).


10 years ago

Isn't there an Instructable similar. =)

I had thought so too, but I can't find it *sigh*

Ok, I was searching under the wrong terms :-) Thanks...

Just so they don't start abusing the poor snails by putting advertisements on them LOL Very....interesting.

Imal have to try this next time I see a snail!

That is wonderful - #2 son has decided to keep his eye out for them next time he's in London.

Not that he goes to any of the areas mentioned in the blog...

There some impressive pieces of graffiti when coming in via gatwick, on the train thanks to the little alcoved parts of the wall beside the line...


10 years ago

Teehee! This one made my day - thanks, Ed! :-)