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Sneak Peak Answered

I haven't posted anything original in forever (well 5 months to be exact).  I started this project on Friday and I'm almost done with it.  Tests on this gun when it was unfinished have yielded very good results.  I can't wait until this is 100% complete and ready to show off fully.

Try and figure out what it is in the meantime.


Is it an OSSR 2??

I like how everybody makes such a big deal about dj's new gun just  because he is dj, even though it is just a slingshot sniper.

I like how you don't know what it looks like and therefore can't judge it just from what I have released to the general public.  I've tuned every detail on this gun as close to perfection as I can, unlike the average knex gun that's being posted nowadays.  For example, the bipod has gone through at least 5 different rebuilds to get it working optimally.

The "average" knex gun posted is posted by noobs who don't know jack sh#t about knex, and most good builders spend alot of time on thier guns.  My Kg-5 had the front rebuilt almost 4 timex, the trigger guard took 4 days, and the stock went through multiple evolutions.

That would be below average.

Same here, except trigger guards are so simple that it doesn't take 4 days to make a good one.  Mine took just a few minutes to make and it didn't need a second revision because it was good enough on the first take.

Took me a while to figure out how to put one on, there was almost no attachment spots for it above the trigger.

You must have a really awkward design to the body.  Mine was a simple pattern and it allowed a trigger guard to fit in just right.

Look at my gun.  It used kinetic's mag, and had a weird area in front of the trigger.  I wish it was as easy as yours.

is it the AR-4 commando v4

No.  It is not the next AR-4.

its a slingshot sniper rifle everybody.

pm me the link to your facebook and ill add you please.

I will give you a challenge: Try to find me on facebook.  You will know nothing other than my first name.  If you manage to find me and send me a friend request with your instructables username in it, I will accept and you will see the gun.

i accept your challenge just pm your first name

Yes.  Why the hell is it so hard for people to spell my name correctly?  I swear I will punch the next guy who spells it wrong.  The irony is that I know this guy who's name is spelled "Micheal" and everyone spells it like my name.  How is it possible that people can be that stupid?  At least you aren't an inept piece of sh*t like pretty much everyone who screws up spelling my name.

I know. SOrry, it's hard to pick up sarcasm.

He said he would punch the next person who spelt it wrong :-P

Hey, you have it easy.  Everybody knows how to pronounce michael, but no one seems to be able to pronounce my name right, even though it is very easy to.

I'll remember it after about 2 or 3 times of being told, no matter how hard it may seem lol.  Heck, I know Dsman195276's numbers from memory.

No one in my life can, I'll tell it to them, and they will pronounce it the generic way, which is a more common version of my name, even if i pronounce it perfectly to them.

I'm sorry, I don't spell michael everyday, and have fun puching me across the country.

I always have trouble spelling that name for some reason...

first of all I figured out that it is probably not a pin gun as the top hole is covered up and the bipod would make it basically impossible to fire a rod though the bottom hole.

Then if you look at the top of the picture you can see a yellow rod acrossways with the green connectors, this could really only be an anchor point for rubber bands making this a slingshot.

Finally by looking at the anchor point and the red rods at the front I can tell this is very unlikely to be much shorter than my arm. Any assault rifle that long made from knex is just too impractical so therefore it must be a sniper (if it's a slingshot of that design there's not much else it can be).

logic boy being logical.

The bottom hole is not blocked by the bipod.  It is possible that the bottom hole could be a barrel.