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Sneaking into movies? Answered

Well today i went to the movies with my friends and we saw "get smart" and it was good but then my friends said lets go see another movie and sneak in. They say it is not illegal but i think it is. Also it goes completely against my moral values. Is just getting one ticket and sneaking in illegal? What do you guys think about it?


It's illegal, less so than stealing a Maserati (or even a handful of Mars Bars), slightly more so than stealing a ballpoint pen from the office supply cabinet at work.

If you get caught, the theatre will throw you out. If you get caught often enough that they start to recognize you, they may ban you from that theatre or chain of theatres. And, if you're underage they can always call your parents. :(
(If you have any extracirricular activites at school that depend on "good behavior" (sports, band, whatever), that could get messed up, too.)

I'm such a seriously staiight-laced stick-in-the-mud type that I still feel deliciously, excitingly guilty over the one time I "jumped theatres" almost 20 years ago. I'd gone to see "Reality Bites," which turned out to be 99 minutes that I'm never going to get back

....Annnd... "Of Mice and Men," with Gary Sinise and John Malkovitch, was just starting in the next theatre over.
...Annnd I walked in just as if the FBI, Interpol, and the local SWAT team weren't already out to get me; and sat down just as if I weren't throwing myself adrift upon the seas of fraud, larceny and moral turpitude.
...Annnnd it was great!

Reading the book had just about driven me bugnuts. but then there it all was in the movie. Magnificently done, splendidly realized, just a damned good movie.

So I'm glad I did it, but I'm not likely to do it again. I still feel guilty - but it's that toe-curling delicious sort of guilt that everyone should get to feel at least a little of :).

I agree with what Kiteman says, but some Cinemas have Free Movies that you can watch in the summer, but they are often older (1-2 Yrs.) But there are several ways you can sneak into a theater, you can have a pair of people get into a fight (loud shouting match) in the lobby, you can sneak in, or you can "blend in" with a group of people that do have tickets and it would seem logical that you would too, or you can just buy some concessions and walk in as anyone else would because often, just seeming casual will do the trick.

It's illegal, but you can ease your moral jitters by buying their snacks - it's where most UK cinemas make the bulk of their profit. My sister's local cinema has actually thrown out and banned people for daring to eat food they did not buy in the foyer.

Our local Odeon isn't so bad that way, but you have to walk past staff to get from screen to screen, so watching multiple films would be hard. (But probably not impossible.)

i paid the people in the foyer so i could eat taco bell in there, they didnt mind


Against moral values: Yes Fun: Yes Stealing popcorn: No

I always notice that you can just sneak in if it's not a weekend. There's never anyone watching. But I'd feel guilt for weeks if I went sneaking in. So I pay my $8 to go see crap movies like The Hulk, hoping for a laugh at least. I only got a headache, though. SCREW YOU, EDWARD NORTON! YOU MAKE THINGS NOT FUN!

I do not like the actor from national treasure, whatever his name his... Nickolas Cage, that's it! I don't like him.

If your looking for a serious dramatic actor, Cage isn't it. But he's funny! Rent Raising Arizona.

LOVE THAT MOVIE! "Everybody freeze!!!!!!! Now get down on the floor! (clerk)- Well wich is it son? i cant rightfully get down on the floor if im frozen...

NOOOOOO! But he's hilarious! Nicholas Cage is my favorite. He'll take any role and he owns it! Plus, his fake hair is magnificent. :D

I LOVE Nicholas Cage! Don't anyone tell me about NT2, I haven't seen it!

I haven't seen it either - I've been working my way through a lot of his older stuff. Have you seen Dead Fall? One of his most outrageous roles ever, for sure. He wears a crazy wig, huge sunglasses and a fake moustache for the whole film and acts like he's on a ton of drugs. Amazing! My boyfriend and I laughed all the way through it.

No, I haven't! I've been looking for some dvds to get to watch tomorrow (hospital waiting rooms get boooooring!), is it family friendly?

No, sadly. There's an awful sex scene and quite a lot of violence and swearing. :P

Ah, that's too bad. I wish movies today were cleaner. Do you have any other movies you'd reccommend (that are kiddie friendly), just off the top of your head?

Hmm... Ratatouille was a lot of fun if you haven't seen that yet. Or rent some Pete & Pete! Good times all around! I mostly just stick to the Disney classics as far as kid friendly goes - or things like Princess Monoke and Spirited Away. I'm not too good with kid's movies because I mostly watch bad horror and sci-fi films!

neither do i but in matchstick men when he played the guy who answered the door and the pizza guy at the same time, man that was funny!

I liked him in American History X, but that wasn't exactly fun.

He was very good in American History X, and in 25th Hour. Lots of other movies too. But my liking of him stopped somewhere along the line. :(

Hmm, I'll have to rent 25th Hour. Think I was out of the country when that came out.

You definitely should! The ending might leave you tormented, though. :P

I'll have to wait till I'm feeling poetic. A little bit of misery really inspires me!

First of all, I don't see why it's called sneaking. None of the theaters around here actually post guards near the screens. All you're doing is going to XYZ movie. If some employee stops you, you're going to see XYZ on screen 7 and forgot which way screen 7 is. The trick is scheduling it all so you know where you're going and when, and then knowing what's on what screen. I grew up going to the movies that way. I've also been known to buy a ticket to one movie and go see a different one in the same timeslot, of example when one is underage but would like to go see an r-rated film. The rating system isn't legal, just industry policy, and many times, the ratings people are uptight, conservative fossils. Which is not to say it's morally okay, or legal, to buy tickets to one movie and then go see two or more. In fact, it's probably illegal, and if the cops really wanted to nail you, they could. But they won't, unless they think you're up to something else, too. The theater owners, if they catch you, might throw you out, ban you, or call the cops and have them scare you. They might call your parents. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, don't do it. Plain and simple. If you want to see the brick-and-mortar theatre stick around, buy each ticket to each movie. But I don't, because I can't. Nine dollars a seat per movie is admittedly gouging, but two wrongs don't make a right. For the price of seeing Mr. Bean, though, I could have filled up my bike and rode to Larkspur and back. In hindsight, I could have had more fun for nine dollars just idling in a traffic jam. Kudos to you for standing up to your friends. Just say you're outta there after the one movie, and if they dislike you for that, that's their problem.

thanks, and i totally understand where you are coming form also, but for me it just doesn't feel right.

well the way i see it is... you pay wayyyy to much for one movie and refreshments that it wont hurt to sneak into another....

I feel it reasonable, I once spent a whole day in a cinema, all you need is a timetable, some food and stuff with you, then get your refreshments, watch a movie continue on... Basically it's not legal as such, however it's a case of don't do it again... Morally it's not reprehensible, They're gouging you, so you get your money's worth...

> Morally it's not reprehensible, . I disagree. Not gonna say I haven't done it, but it's still wrong. . > They're gouging you, so you get your money's worth... . So ... since that Maserati on the dealer's lot is overpriced, I can just take it? . I don't understand how they are gouging. Are you forced to do business with these ppl? Are you somehow compelled to go?

The Maserati dealer will loose something if you take their car, the movie theater will not.

Often they're the only choice other than downloading the movies... So it's the lesser of two evils in one way, you at least pay for one ticket... Actually car dealers are notorious for overpricing nacho, the trick being that they can make a better sale, they "come down" to your price, looking better and adding a little to the sale anyway, if you're blunt to them you can get alot, last time my dad got a new truck we got free fifth alloy, free stereo upgrade, free years servicing (that one should always be pushed since the first three are daylight robbery) between he and I we drank around 50 quids worth of coffee, got free reign of the team rally car for a day or two... and my dad made money from them in the end, making a business deal to sell them tyres and rims... I'll admit it's still wrong but I meant it's a small evil, also I just had to have an argument to everything you said because, well...


10 years ago

im not real sure, but I wouldnt because why would you want to see a movie if you cant see any more movies forever just because you got kicked out for watching one...

Two bad you don't pay $2 for a matinée!

I'm wondering this too, and what's thebworst they can do if they catch you? Good movies I havnt seen yet but I dont want to spend a lot of money Tropic thunder the love guru get smart

Get smart is a friggin HILARIOUS movie.


10 years ago

I have to admit I've done the same in my misguided youth. In my defense, I was mainly going to big money-grabbing commercial megaplexes at the time. These days, I prefer going to the local artsy-fartsy theaters instead, and I know that these places have a hard enough time competing with the blockbusters. So I prefer to support my local indy/art movie community by buying that second ticket...

It's pretty much illegal, but I do it anyways. How was Get Smart?