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Sniper Request!!!! Answered

I am asking that someone make a knex M110 SAS. I play alot of soldier front and would love it if somone would make it :D thanks for viewing


Try using Zak's true bolt action mech and then make it accurate.

Ok I will try that, but the gun itself is not bolt action its actually a semi automatic like the psg-1.

Why does it say that this post is the last one on the knex forums?

Don't ask people to do things - do them yourself and show us! L

I know but I'm not very good with knex as my Chainsaw 'Ible shows you >.> plus I dont think I would make it very accurate.

Find something cool you can show people, or comment on other Instructables. I know that people don't usually do requests...
I did make a chainsaw out of Lego though


I saw that, Kind of dangerous looking though I wouldnt be able to make it XD

ugh soldier front .

Hmm, it's an M4 sniper variant really. Nothing much new to be done.