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Sniper Rifle Bbs Answered

Hi, I don't have a lot of experience with airsoft guns and I'm thinking about buying this sniper rifle (MB04D) http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152190936-MB04D-replica.html?text=Mb04d

It is recommend to take .25g bbs but I want to hunt small animals with it so , would it break the gun if I put in .36g bbs?
I am also in Ireland so the gun will have to be reduced to 328 fps from ~450fps
thanks for any feedback


This answer is coming from a long time, experienced airsofter. It all depends on what small animals you are hunting. At 330 fps, you wouldn't want .36 bb's because the shot will fall FAR short. In the U.S. I have a 350 fps gun, and I only use .20 bb's. Without protection(for your skin) the bb will break skin and possibly penetrate, but hardly at all. The .25's are recommended for the 450 FPS ONLY. If you want to hunt anything with a fur protective layer at that fps, you would need to be 5-10 feet away or less to kill it. I would only hope you aren't just killing them for fun. .36's aren't a lethal option and neither are .25's.I would get a .177 caliber air rifle/pellet gun like this (just an example, you don't have to get this one).


You could also get a .22 rifle. I am not sure if you would be allowed to use either of these in Ireland. If you wanted to get a good airsoft gun for fun, I would recommend www.airsoftgi.com or www.evike.com. I would most likely go with Evike, they have great quality guns. You could possibly shoot birds to pluck and eat with the gun you wanted to buy if you used .20's. If you think my answer is good, I would appreciate if you would vote for it as best answer. Thanks!

Just so you know 11.37 foot pounds is around 800 feet per sec for a normal 8 grain pellet.

Your .25 gramme bb is around 3.5 grains so is also very light. hence airsoft.

So your 450fsp isn't all that powerful if you really intend small mammal pest control.

Your BB 450 fps gun is about 1.5 foot pounds.

My air sporter .22 is about 12 foot pounds.



I thought someone should add some words of wisdom.... Please don't hunt anything you don't need to eat. That's the standard for 'honorable hunting' and has been since the dawn of civilization. I won't lie, I shot squirrels and birds with an air rifle as a kid just because I could...but as an adult I'm deeply ashamed to say it. There are so many, many ways to test and prove your prowess with an airgun that don't take an animals life, it seems like a no-brainer. It may sound silly to you now, but someday you'll be telling your kids the same thing I'm telling you now. There's no sport in hunting a living thing that isn't going to feed you. Every life is sacred, every animal is part of a family of animals...when the true hunter takes game for food he pays tribute to the animal for its sacrifice. There is a nobility in respecting all living things. Think about it!

I must admit I don't know anything about the rat population in the UK. If they are overrunning an area I suppose that sometimes killing them quickly and humanely may be called for. Here in the US we sometimes hunt coyotes for this reason. The fact is these species are only problematic because of the overdevelopment of the most intrusive animal of all...us. Otherwise,a rat is a feeling, thinking creature and should be valued as such. The difference between a pet rat and a sewer rat is just perception...same animal. I too am less fond of the rodent family than other animals,but life is life. How would you like it if say your brother didn't make it home because some "bigger and better" species decided it would be good fun? That's how I think of it. Don't get me wrong, hunting for survival is nature, all animals do it. Remove the survival and its as unnatural as you can get AND it's certainly not hunting. Unless you're feeding your family with rats, you can't 'hunt' rats. Using the word in that context insults the noble hunter, whose mantra has ever been "Do not kill what you will not eat"

If you keep animals in the UK Rats are an issue. They spread illnesses, eat the food, Dig tunnels, Kill live stock and multiply rapidly.

Personally I think shooting is more humane than poison but to deal with the problem I do both .

I think there has to be a limit to the thinking living entity issue. However I agree that In the UK and surrounds there is little reason to kill wild animals beyond pest control.

Worse is wounding and leaving the creature to die in pain.

BB isn't very accurate is you want to hunt rats and squirrels then I suggest a standard .22 air rifle will do you better. The .22 carries more weight in the slug although a .177 slug which is lighter will have a flatter trajectory over the full range.

Killing range for rats upto about 60 feet. Your good if you can hit a rat at 60 feet!

This is withIn the UK laws where your limited to 12 foot pounds MAX for a rifle



I don't think your parents will be happy when you wound another boy !