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Snowman Building! Answered

As most of you probably know, we have been having alot of snow this last week in the UK.

We have been saving up our snow in the back garden as we both work, and normally get home after the sun has set. Today being a weekend meant that we could make good use of all that snow!

The snowman is called pepper, as we use pepper to do his mouth and eyebrows.
(take note of his cool icicle hair, we were going to call him spike, but we already named our christmas tree that)

gmjhowe + Rainbow_Han


Those guys trying to stop global warming should really hibernate regarding this activity, it's abnormally cold here. 

Its 23 degrees Celsius here in NZ at 11-am, and that is mild. It is overcast and windy and we might get rain but not snow.

We never get snow in Wellington > Porirua

Please email me some snow.

Anyway, I had experience with snow and snowmen and snow-women in Holland as a kid.

AND snow is very COLD!

Great pictures, and I dont recall the last time I  saw even a picture of a snow man.


It hit negative 22 Fahrenheit during one of my shifts this week.
Have you ever felt your eyelids freezing shut?? So bizarre. I'm glad my car started.

That minus 22 F of yours, according to my conversion calculator is minus 30 C

You don't know how lucky you are.

Moscow Cold Kills 2 and Freezes ATMs

Moscow’s temperature plunged to a four-year low, killing at least two people, freezing cash machines and pushing electricity consumption to a record.

The “polar cold” reached minus 26 degrees Celsius early Wednesday, said Tatiana Podnyakova, a spokeswoman for the Federal Meteorological Service.

The last time that Moscow was so cold was in January 2006, when temperatures dipped below minus 30 C.

For the rest of the story, it is only fair you also read the advertising that pays for it, so visit;


Preparation is the best source of luck there is. I purchased a cold-weather car battery not 3 months ago.

Also, I was almost disappointed on visiting that website to see no advertisements.

I have to say that, for their copyright reasons and to keep Instructables management happy, but I got into the habit of doing that when posting to the Internet Archive news items of Google's misbehaviour with taking over for keeps all the old books in the public domain.

To be truthful, I never noticed there was no advertising, that says I must never see the advertising on the Western Worlds' news sites. Hope the advertisers  dont find out.

Bet you Google is now trying to sign the Russian news sites up, to receive Google adds,


T_T I get to see snow soon, but not soon enough!

Someone like IAC should build one and shoot it with a knex gun.


8 years ago

The last ~10" of snow has been powder, excellent for snowboarding/skiing, but horrible for snowman making..


8 years ago

We have packed down snow under a layer of powder >.< Stupid midwest. 

We have more snow... But it's useless for snowman building and snowballs, far too powdery, and it seems colder than normal snow... 

It's between -25 and -40  Celsius here, good old Northern Ontario.


8 years ago

 In early December we actually got a dusting of snow where I live, which is across the bay from instructables. We didn't have enough for a snowman, but we could make a few snowballs.

Poor-bugger will need more than a scarf. I challenge you to fit underpants to him!


Give him more arms - he can be a snow caterpillar!