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Snowpocalypse! Share your stories and pictures! Answered

Have you been buried by the American snowpocalypse? (Or is it snowmageddon?)

We Brits thought we had it tough recently, but thirty-eight inches?  That's almost a metre!

There are quite a few pictures (more pictures) and stories on the BBC, even another Washington snowball fight (no guns, this time).

What about iblers, though?  Can you get to your workshops?


I have taken to walking to work, until I can find my car.....which is buried out front SOMEWHERE  :-)

Here are the pics my Wife took (not wanting to step outside)
ellens pics globe20100203_15.JPGellens pics globe20100203_13.JPGellens pics globe20100203_11.JPG

LOL, it looks like she's taken pictures of the snow on TV!

She didn't want to open the storm door, which also has a screen over the window  :-) 

We FINALLY get snow after almost 10 years. 


8 years ago

Here in northeastern OH we got maybe 12-14 in. They didn't plow our street until mid-afternoon the day after, so we were "houselocked." My inlaws near Youngstown had maybe 18''.

A Honda CRV (w/4WD) got stuck right in front of our house...

All told we were lucky--compared to the eastern seaboard (but we're used to it. ;-)

More on the way...

Some photos, taken in the afternoon. The sun had already consolidated the wet snow down a couple inches.

The last photo shows the imprint of the undercarriage of the CRV...


I love that first shot - all those square-cut pathways mean the snow must be perfect for igloos.

So where are the igloo Instructables...?

This is our yet unfinished igloo, covered with fresh snow.

IMG_5167 (Modified in GIMP Image Editor).JPG


Oops--did I knock it over?

Yeah, they're like mini Cliff of Dover.

Snow days could be igloo days... How about it, young 'iblers?

YAY! (I think you're better prepared for it then I am. So far, we have less then an inch.)

We're suppose to get snow tonight or tomorrow, which possibly means snow day (yay)

It is STILL snowing here   grrrrr.  a day off work....and no pay for it....grrrrrr

Snow day today. Hopefully enough snow for one of these.

The best of it is going right past me. As of now, we have about one half of an inch. I'm very disappointed.

we just  got 2 feet and its snowing AGAIN1!!


8 years ago

 Arg! I heard about that snowball fight too! I live all of 10 minutes outside of DC, close enough to know enough people, but far enough away to not be able to go there in the snow. *Sigh*

We closed down our schools last Wednesday due to 3 inches, then we had an early release on Thursday, and got one inch on Friday evening which cancelled school. Then 27 inches came... I shoveled the sidewalk from my house to the corner on Sunday however, which was around 100 feet, I would say, so that wasn't fun... 

There's been no school so far this week, and it's snowing now, so they've already cancelled for tomorrow. We'e going to have school until July...

 We got an hour of snowfall on Christmas eve, and we might get some tomorrow.
Beer in mind, this IS Texas, and for my region that much snow fall, on that particular date, is fairly unheard of.

It's pimpin over here.

Official school snow day declared in NYC for  Wednesday.  Expected 8-13 inches of snow. 

The real mess is when it all thaws out afterwards turning into grey slush.

hahahaha, it's melting in Ontario....
about -30C*C,
and almost 2M of snow.
School still in session, we're used to it.

Here outside of Philly, we got close to 30 inches.  And tonight, into tomorrow night, we are supposed to get 12''-20'' more.  School has been closed Monday and Tuesday, and I am not expecting school either Wednesday or Thursday.  I can't complain.   

 We've got only about six inches here in Louisville - if my store doesn't close I think I'll be calling in. My car can't handle that. :P 

I wlsh it would show here again, i bought a really nice wooden sledge and i want to use it

It snowed here in Guildford today. For about 4 or 5 hours. None settled though.

snowed for about 3 here, none stayed either :(

More on the way, apparently, but sparser.

The obliterating heat destroys all in it's path down my way, no snow, although, that is to be expected in Summer.


8 years ago

 We got a centimeter of snow over in the East Bay in December, for the first time in a while. But that is it.

No snow here, since 2001.

 You must be living it up at the Hotel California...

NYC was on the top edge of the storm swath. Only a few inches, not enough to close schools. Maybe this Wednesday though.

Louisiana's too far south to get any decent snow...