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So Bizarre, You Had to Know About This Answered

My Dad sent me this. I suppose it's Halloween appropriate? Weird. Have you ever heard of "Bat Fishing?" Kids out in the countryside come up with creative things to occupy their time. This fellow called in to a radio show ... you have a very light monofilament line on your fishing pole. Tie on a very small hook like you would use for small trout, put a small weight just above the hook, and bait the hook with a little bread. You then toss the hook up over a wire or tree branch in an area where bats are flying around at dusk. Kind of tug or wiggle the line so the bats strike at it. Be patient ... eventually one of them will grab the hook. Then you can fly your bat around in the sky ... kind of like a kite. When the bat becomes exhausted, reel it in, remove the hook, and let it go.


you wanna have some morbid fun? go fishing for seagulls. alka seltzer and seagulls. break up a piece of alka seltzer and start throwing french fries in the air so the gulls get excited. every once in a while throw an alka seltzer up too. they swallow the tablet and when i swells up they can't fly. good eats!!

thats a horrible idea, if a bat even gets really close to you or scratches you, and doesnt leave a mark you still need to get rabies shots.

actually....less than 1% of the bats in the U.S have rabies. and when they get rabies, they don't get violent-they get passive.

Taking a hook out of a generally silent fish is one thing... but.. I would imagine those lil' buggers would scream like a banchee! Bats do have vocal chords.... Don't they? I'm positive I've heard them screech before....?

And I have heard them screaming "I vant to drink your bloood" lol

and then there is that problem of being bitten. Not a prospect I want to get involved in. I grew up in the country and we never hurt animals (except for food) just to "play with them".

Don't tell PETA!

That is soooo illegal int the UK - bats are very, very protected.

They are such a beneficial animal too, they definitely clean up a large portion of the mosquitoes and such. I feel this is a bit irresponsible.

Oh yeah, let's all go catch and then stick our fingers into the mouths of OF THE MOST COMMUNICABLE DISIESE RIDEN ANIMALS KNOWN TO MAN?!?!?! HAVE YOU READ NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC RECENTLY??????????

Rats carried the fleas that transmitted bubonic plague, but bats carry a frightening array of illnesses.

. We used to throw pea gravel in the air and watch the bats swoop down to grab it ... until we found out it was damaging their teeth.

We did that a lot when I was little. But sometimes the bats would get a little too close for comfort so we'd have to retreat. :P I bet my neighbors got sick of hearing little girls screaming at all times of the night. We sucked at going to bed during the summer. Between lightning bugs and bats we had a lot to do.

We've done something similar at my school's campus.... tie a pretzel to a string, and go squirrel fishing... They grab food - so no harm done, and it's quite amusing :p

I've seen something similar in Borneo, the native use tiny hooks tied to beetles, that are then set to fly. They use them to catch swallows. The beetles tend not to fly far, and not much luck when it comes to actually hooking the swallows, but to them, it's a fun way to kill time.

I'm not sure if catch-and-release would work on bats. If you wear out a fish, it can just hang out in the water and nibble plants. A bat expends huge amounts of energy to flit around, and requires huge amounts of munchies (i.e., mosquitoes) to keep it up. If you wear out a bat, s/he has to catch food to make up for the lost time while exhausted. Kind of like birds of prey. After a certain critical time period without eating, the bird no longer has enough energy to catch food. It can survive for a few more days, and fly around, but will eventually starve. Also, hooks hurt. Don't puncture your insect repellent.

Dumbasses dying of rabies,sounds like a good thing to me. BTW I actually saw owl fishing in a Gerald Durrell book, but they didn't use a hook.

Actually the owls probably used about 6 hooks (talons we call them) ;-)


10 years ago

When i lived in Oklahoma we used to tie strings around cacada bugs and fly them around (they made a really cool/annoying buzzing noise.)

Hmm, bats being mammals, I would tend to think the hook could be a bit painful. I wonder what the animal rights folks would say about that one. Hmm.

Wow, that is pretty weird, but quite interesting!