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So, EMF blocking Stickers, Pendants or Death-Crystals? Answered

Uh, how to start with this one... Local health store started carrying the latest line of emf blocking stickers and pendants. At first I thought good grief, if people are that gullible as to not look into the science behind they perhaps deserve to have there money parted from them. Several weeks later though, a symposium was booked in the local convention hall. I was surprised to learn how many people actually went to this, and were indeed parted with a fair chunk of change. If you look into to it there are numerous if not hundreds of these anti-emf scams abound on the internet all claiming only theirs works... That alone would send my spidey senses tingling. I really don't want to get in to the science behind why this is a scam, and would appreciate answers from people who know what they are talking about rather then those have been duped. Moving on... I am afraid the owner of the health store is going to get slammed on this one eventually. Normally I would say the owner of the store has a good head on her shoulders with an excellent BS sensor. Not so much, this time around. Guess my question would be how to inform her of why its a scam with out her eyes rolling into the back of her head. "Had a friend go the symposium for kicks, "she has a doctorate in bio-engineering, health science and is pursing her latest degree in occupation health sciences." To her shock and delight it was simple for her to see through the scam, but she had to admit his did provide a technical sounding argument, mixing truth with techno babble, that perhaps someone with an understanding of only layman’s terms could be persuaded by. Oh, what to do...



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Have you ever heard of the intellectual-food-chain?
Stupid people feed the less stupid, who feed the reasonably-functional, who feed the properly-functional, etc - until the super-clever get rich (like Bond-Villains).

It's capitalism, and it's basic animal-behaviour.


Um, it's "free enterprise" unless there's a deal with a loan from a bank (which usually makes loans based upon 'credit' for money that does not exist).

But I understand what you intended. Here's an example I used to explain the limited blocking ability of small devices.

"We all know from Einstein that light is another frequency of ElectroMagnetic Energy, right? And something that works to shield you from light would need to cover your entire body, right? Now look at this "EMF sticker" here, how big is it? Which square inch of your body do you want to protect? And do you think you'll want to cover the back side too? How about the sides of the protected area? So, just as a business card cannot protect your whole face from light, neither can a small antenna protect your whole brain from electronic rays. If you think a tiny antenna can 'grab waves' out of the air, do you think a business card can grab all the light around your face to protect it with a light absorbing force field? ... No."

The only one I can think is legit is the emf blocking wallet to stop your cards getting scanned when not intended...

Other than that, it's horse...... ...poop.

+1. Your first mistake was looking at the health store; 90% of what they carry is going to be, at the very least, unproven.

Mongo woowoo.

The solution I used with my father, when he was pondering one of the magnet-laden wristbands which was supposed to somehow bring the body back into balance: "You're justifying this with the argument that it couldn't hurt. Sorry, but if you accept that it has any effect at all, then the effect could just as easily be harmful as helpful, and it would need a proper study to establish which. I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you that anyone claiming to have something medical science doesn't know about is either a fool, a liar, or hasn't done enough research to prove that it's safe."

Beyond that... In the end, if someone is determined to gamble, even after being told that the game is rigged, you can't stop them unless you can get them declared incompetent. I wasn't around to tell my friend not to sink $600 in a game of three-card monty, but even if I had been there I don't think she would have listened to me. People make their decisions -- including the decision to not listen to advice -- and hopefully survive to learn from the consequences.

Actually paying for fraud products that don't work does hurt. What happens is it encourages the con artist to develop even more types of fraud. If they didn't get any money out of it they wouldn't do it. If even a small percentage respond to something then it encourages the crook to keep going in that direction. Its like a cat that keeps going back to the same place that she caught a mouse. If there was one there then there must be a lot more. When people don't respond to something it comes to an end. Its the reason why they keep trying to make sequels to movies that initially worked until finally no one goes to see them anymore. So when you buy junk and fraudulent products it hurts everyone because it gives the fraud the resources and incentives to keep trying new frauds.

Hurts society... yes, indirectly. Hurts the individual only to the extent that (a) they paid and (b) it serves as an excuse not to do something more likely to actually achieve the goal, improve their health, and so on.

Again, all you can do is tell people. If they insist on believing that there's a conspiracy which only they know the truth of... well, evolution takes no prisoners.

Yes, I couldn't agree more. I have yet to discuss this with her yet though as this question was more informative for myself, in that I was looking for potentially different angles that I could use when explaing this to her. You have all been very helpful. And, I hope when she reviews the information she will deduce our collective views as correct. Thanks!

Yes, and thats essentialy building a faraday cage around your wallet. These are 1" stickers you apply to your various electronics, 1 for a cell phone, 3 for a tv or monitor, several for every appliance and plug in your home. Did I mention each sticker is 30-50$, not to mention pendants for extra protection starting at 195$ and going up to 4995$ for gold plating. So sad...

That is going to be my new facebook status, I smell t-shirts being pressed with tha logo. Trademark that in a hurry frollard, unless I'm late to the party and its all ready been used numerous times before.

I won't tell anyone if you don't. Cleverness transferred seamlessly :)

Did you know there is a chemical that is currently a petition being signed on, its called Di hydrogen monoxide. Its used everywhere, and is deadly. In solid form it damages tissue, in liquid it can burn you, in gas form wither lungs. Small amounts in the lungs will drown you. Its so strong it eats metals, yet the government continues to allow its use, even though it kills hundreds of people every year since man has been on the planet. Would you sign this petition to ban it, of course you would. Then again you would be banning H2O - water... In solid, ice form it damages the skin through erosion/abrasion. As steam vapour it withers lungs or burns tissue. Drowning only takes a tiny bit of water. Its all about the truth taken out of context.


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A very simple proof would be to use a small MP3 player with a radio tuner. If you put it in your pocket does it still pick up the stations? Granted these do use the ear buds as the antenna but you will find that the trinkets have no effect on the signal.
That being said, it doesn't matter because these people will not believe you no matter what evidence you present them with. Its the same thing as the people who spend a fortune for colonic's, convinced that they have huge ammounts of toxin's and stuff in them and the only way to get it out is to run a hose up their butt. There is a whole branch of pshchology dedicated to this but basically some people would rather believe a lie that offers them some kind of hope rather than the facts. It is easier to follow rather than to be informed, its easier to be part of a mob mentality rather than to think for yourself. Its not that they don't have the ability to reason, its that they take the easier course and just go along with what anybody tells them.

Some rainmakers actually did produce rain. They fired silver nitrate into the sky with rockets and seeded the clouds. But the vast majority of them just put on a good show. You could even think of this as a form of entertainment, as long as people don't become obsessed with it, all it will do is drain them of their money.

It would be interesting to see any materials that were provided at the seminar. I'm sure they would be hilarious. It would also be fun to sneak into such a seminar (there's no way I'd ever pay) just for entertainment. This group must have some kind of cheesy website.

All this reminds me of a product about a decade ago that looked kind of like a raspberry that you would put on top of your cell phone antenna (This was back in the day when cell phones had retractable antennas). The thing was supposed to protect your brain so you wouldn't get cancer.