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So I am in the Cambridge (Boston) Area, What to Do? Answered

Hey y'all, missed your resident Texan? Probably not... Anyways I'm starting my freshman college year by spending a semester at Harvard, attending Harvard Extension School. I've got (for now) a nice helping of free time. Any recommendations on places to go, people to see? MIT open build nights still alive and kickin'? Once I draw up a nice Ibles Robot, expect some images of him making appearances all across the Harvard campus. 


Museum of science, old ironsides, find some little hole in the wall pizza shops and eat the best pizza you'll ever have.

Forget about the combat zone, it's a shadow of its former glory.

Not for food. I did score an excellent sleeper sofa mattress though.

Make a small investment and buy a hygienic mattress cover. I'm just "Ewwww", I'd sleep on the floor first.

That's partly what I'd imagine cheap unsanitized used sleeper sofa mattresses found on the street would smell like...not nice and airy.

I actually saw the guys carry it out, it's not like it had been sitting for a long time or something. It didn't smell bad or have stains, just a couple pieces of popcorn

There's gotta be a few ibles on how to make a UV light to check for "remains".

You may know about the combat zone, but you do not know pizza. Come to Brooklyn and eat the best pizza you'll ever have, and bagels with a schmear.

Psshhht, why go there and pay when a college girl will do it all the way FO FREE

Find the reputable street pharmacists

i suggest you look at the nice art museum there it is really nicely organized and executed

yeah, boston museum of art and stuff. totally gonna hit that :P

Lobster, clam chowdah, whale watching, duck amphibious vehicle tour, more lobster, more clam chowdah.

I'll be sure to do those. But the amphibious tour is for tourists!!