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So I came across this futon frame, the center always sags/folds no matter how hard I cinch the bolts; any suggestions? Answered

The sag occurs where the futon pivots into a sofa. Underside bracing in the form of wood blocks underneath(something like a shim) were tried but any lateral movement of the bed knocked them out.  I reinforced the bolts with 1.5 inch washers but it still isn't doing the trick.  If anyone has a suggestion I would be much obliged, as I am considering just turning it into a coffee table and sleeping on the floor.


I have a metal frame full size mattress and I'm having issues with it as well. I fold it up and then after awhile I notice the mattress falls through the crease where it folds up. After about 5 minutes of prying it back out it doesn't want to stay positioned and sags pretty awful any ideas??

Has it got middle legs that fold? I find that they often slip a little to the side and then it'll sage instantly, there's one we have that was really bad until I bent the middle legs so they'd sit at a better angle, though it folds a bit funny now...

Caused an amusing fall like thing ones day, girl and I sit down on futon while it folded out, at the same time and immediately the middle flops and both sides lift up, turns out that if the sags there and the mattress thing isn't tied the issue is much worse...

You can wire the two sides tightly together and connect weights/dumbells to the outsides of them, but for me this only worked for so long before the sag returned.  At that point, I did exactly as you suggest and pulled the mattress on the floor.  I actually got rid of the frame, as I saw no further use for it then.

Metal or wood frame?
Add a few blocks or legs to the underside like you did before, but attach them to the frame with a bolt so that they pivot, maybe with a rubber washer in the assembly so they don't pivot too freely. Fold them out like a kickstand when in bed mode, fold them up when in sofa mode.
If there's enough overlap near the futon hinge and the frame material is reasonably sturdy, you could also drill a second hole through both frame pieces and insert pins to lock the frame ino the unfolded position.

Can you show us a couple of pictures?