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So, I know my email has been hacked but dang! ? Answered

I have been dealing with a hacked email account for some time. Every time I change the password I get another batch of crap sent to my people. So, the new one is, I have to verify who I am by sending a verification code to my alternate address.  The verification never comes........BUT, I can still get to my account through my phone.  This happens to be yahoo.  Please help my pitiful hacked problem....Thanks



Best Answer 5 years ago

For a while  yahoo was offering to let you use an image as a pass word.
That might work for you.

It also suggests your computer might be infected !



check the spam box of the other email account also. Lastly consider you may have a different OLDER backup/support email that it's being sent to.

The simple answer is change to gmail.

All jokes aside, if you can't keep the hackers away, inform everyone on your contacts that you've been hacked and to not accept any emails from that account anymore. Then create a new one and be more careful with it.

Thanks for the info...... I just cant change my address. Not to mention the entire incident was my fault.

+1... And the two step verification is better... it texts you rather than sending an email. :)