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So I made a Kickstarter project Answered

And I'd appreciate it if you could check it out. It's right here. It's a calendar that I was trying to find, but never could. So I made my own design. The only problem is that it only makes sense to print up a few hundred at a time. So off to kickstarter I went.

I'm really excited about it and hope it all works out. As an incentive for looking at it now the first few dozen people get it for $4 off.


The Big Picture: a continuous wall calendar for 2013


Sounds awesome! I need one, as soon as I get some bla bing bing cha ching$$$ on my paypal, I'll be buying one :P

Kickstarter doesn't accept paypal. Bummer, I know. All payments go through amazon, but I think there might be some workaround.

Well I don't think that prime affects things. As long as you have a credit card associated with your amazon account it should work.

Good luck! Hope it turns up in time for Christmas.

Thanks a lot. If it didn't show up in time for Christmas I would have a TON of unhappy funders. :)

Right now it's looking like they should be printed up in early November. I put a December ship date to give me some breathing room just in case there are more orders than I expected since shipping would take time. The plan is to underpromise and overdeliver on that score. Since I'll be going through orders in order of when funding was placed yours should be there before December.

I have always loved this idea of yours - because this way I will never have birthdays sneak up on me because they are the first few days of the month and I don't see them until I flip over the page. I signed up of course.

And I am glad that there are no holidays on it, I love the clean look -every day is open!

Thanks a lot. Yes, the flipping thing always drove me nuts!

Good point about the holidays. I didn't include them because I was undecided about them, generally thinking not do it. Also, people from other countries don't care about U.S. holidays and there are already some international funders. Besides that, the big ones people should really know about like Christmas and Halloween are pretty easy to remember.

Just a few thoughts... Is the calendar laminated? punched with mounting holes for a flipchart? dry-erase marker friendly? You could put in even tinier print the Julian date to calculate date spans. If for the US market, having the major holidays noted would be good. It probably gets shipped in a big tube, my mailman hates delivering odd packages that he can't stuff into the pouch or mailbox. If you want a giant calendar, you should scale it so a post-it note pad with alternating colors goes in each date space. Then you can write notes and rip them off when done. Good luck.

Printed on matte paper for better use with pens and pencils. The cost of a dry erase poster would be much bigger for a small run and I'm not convinced of the need for it. The Julian date would be overkill IMO and get too crowded. Would be shipped in a 25" long tube at least 2" diameter, no way around that without folding.

A bigger calendar would be good, but then it gets into the territory of the very large. I stuck with this as it keeps the cost still reasonable enough to get enough people to fund it to hit the goal. If there's enough interest, and it would have to be a lot, I could look into an option for a larger version as well.