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So I took The lcd screen outta of a Sager laptop Its a CHUNGHWA So I wanna get it turned into a monitor ? Answered

So I'm pretty sure the pink wire is pos. and white is neg. and it needs to run on 3.3v? Not sure. But I See the cable that plugged into the Motherboard Has 10 actual wires 8 blue and 2 red. I was thinking Component In for like a tv before hdmi came Out, If that was so that would make 8 of the wires useful but what about the other 2? can some one tell me what I should do before I cut wires also if I can hook it up threw some way threw like av cables some one please tell me how thanks. :)? I cant find the specs either . If some one has a cheap easy solution to do this let me know please.
CHUNGHWA --RV03203D 000-- --14450163W-- --(Bar code)-- --CTAA150PA01-


You need a complex and expensive control board for the panel. There is no easy way to repurpose one I'm afraid.

Wow That suck, and thanks, so its probably one of those thing to just sell :) :)

Yes, use the funds to but another monitor. It IS a bummer though, seeing that nice tech wasted.

The advantage of laptops is that you get a lot of power in a very small package for a reasonable price. The disadvantage is that, in order to achieve that, all the electronics is very tightly integrated -- rather than produce video and convert that back to signal for the display panel, the display hardware talks directly to the display panel... and the panel can't be used separately unless you can provide equivalent drive circuitry.

Laptops just aren't designed to exchange parts with anything but the same model laptop.

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