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So I've got this brick... Answered

Sometime last year I received a brick that is very special to me. It came from the outside of the old technology wing of my school when they were knocking it down to make way for the new building, and I have a lot of great memories from those rooms. The only problem is...well...it's a big red brick. Its only current function is as a doorstop to my bedroom which I stub my toe on each time I enter. I'm growing sick and tired of it but I don't want to get rid of it either. I figured I might do something crafty with it instead, but unfortunately other than the creative application of paint and glue to make it a less-than-charming piece I can put on my shelf, I'm drawing a blank. Does anyone have any ideas?


Paint yellow stripes on it so you notice it beafore you stub your toe on it, anyway, there's probably some safetey code out there that you're meeting.
If you wanted make it even better, write doorstop on it.

If you're living in your own property, try putting it in the wall -
  • cut away a patch of plaster,
  • cut out a single brick,
  • mortar in your special brick
  • re-plaster around the brick, but not over the brick, leaving the brick as a stand-out feature / conversation piece in a plain wall.

All in all it's just another ible in the wall.

Don't push it too far in, or it will be a brick in the hall.

Don't plug up the vent in the loo, we don't want another brick in the stall.

How about engraving the name of the school into the side of the brick. Or engraving some other quote or something you like. Put your family name and house number on it and mount it out side by th efront door, the possabilites are endless.

Make a trophy brick. Make a nice stained wood base, apply a metal plaque or make it into a nameplate, desk stand. Encase it in a wood and glass case, encase it in a bottle and put it on a wooden base. make a paperweight out of it, drill a hole and make it into a lamp, make a mobile out of it...........

make a clock out of it, put it in one of those fire extinguisher cases- in case of emergency break glass, use it as the cornerstone of your barbeque, shed, house..., epoxy a knife into it like excalibur, I dunno......

The lamp or clock ideas sound like they would be pretty good, I was hoping for something that would be functional at the same time, you know? I'm leaning more towards the lamp if I can spruce it up a bit in the process. Just putting it on a stand would be good too though if I can make it look like a trophy or award of some sort.