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So Many Great Cakes! Answered

The Cake Contest closed for entries last night, but voting is still open until noon PST on May 1. So go and look at all the insanely cool cakes that have been submitted.

Which ones do you like the best?

Cake Contest entries


Opps forgot to post here that I made the instructable for the Lemon Pound Cake. I hope you all enjoy it.

The chocolate one looks good...

So, I apparently missed the contest by a couple months but I'm thinking about doing my first instructable as my favorite Lemon Pound Cake. Didn't see any other instructables on pound cakes so I thought it'd be a good idea. Thought I'd see what others thought.

Do it! Just because you missed the contest is no excuse not to!

There's too many of them!

Weak Star Wars joke

I can't believe how awesome those cakes are. I haven't seen them all, but I like the ones above and the dynamite cake.

Mine was a rushed job so it is neither pretty nor different, except that I have finally gotten to taste a piece and despite it being "ug-i-ly", it is really wonderfully chocolaty (and if you like raspberries, this is glazed with them too. :-)

IF you want to see it, it is here: no tricks, nor diversions. This IS the Link.

What do you take back ? I am confused.....btw: the coffee cake looks good :-)

I criticized the presentation of it. Thanks! Actually its my mom's cake

Oh well, I thought it was extra ugly myself. But it did turn out better tasting than I thought it would :-)

The first time I ever made it, I took special care with the cake; spreading it out fairly thin on a large rectangular pan, then cut the resulting thin cake into 7 pieces, put the glaze in between as well as on top. Then the ganauche. But even though I had made a rather large looking cake, once cut up and put back together in a stack, it was barely 5" x 6" . It WAS really good, but so much work for a rather large single piece of cake *sigh*

Yeah, I hate it when you are doing a really long project and you get such a small result.

is it just me or does the robot on the side (robogames) look sinister?

Hmm, either sinister or he is really "into" his toy LOL I have seen that look on the face of a lot of gamers at the arcades :-)

Eric: Hey, whats that?

Robot: cough*worldomination*cough* what? This? Oh, its our new, um, contest entry.....

Eric: Whatever *walk away*

Robot: *under breath* sucker!

What if.......

Hey goodhart, if your still here go on the chat

Sorry, at that time of night I can't (even if I HAD seen your post). I have to wait until I get home. Like now for instance... :-)

oh, ok, I suppose its not a good idea at work

Yeah, once it is towards the evening, like now, I am at work, and they don't mind me in and posting now and then, but if I had the chat room up, the firewall would end up with a LOT of entries on it.....and they would wander how I got my work done :-)

But I am around on and off until 12:00 ( or in military time the zero dark hour :-) and will answer PM's as soon as I can


10 years ago

Points off for the Rubik's Cake, for using someone else's pictures though, in my opinion...

Not that it's a bad instructable, mind you. The instructions are well done, and they got permission to use the photographs.

I just would have been happier if they had acknowledged up front that they we using someone else's pictures, and I wouldn't want to see them judged in the same league as someone who has great instructions and original photographs...

I have great instructions and original photographs...teehee...

Well, my photos weren't too bad...it was the cake that didn't turn out looking like it should have (not like the first time I made it :-)


10 years ago

In terms of both execution and nerd appeal, my vote has to go to the Plant Cell Cake...



I endorse this one (not mine, my mom's)

It's a whole linux family! You got her to put up a flower one, too. Nice.

Yep! My sister will join soon..... Right now its just me and my mom. My dad isn't really interested.


for everyone else, this is the


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