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So, What do you despise about archaic societal constructs AKA the systems? Answered

Teh system fails!!!!!


1. Homework 2. Dress codes 3. Teachers That's it.... The system fails.

home work seconded sometimes teachers should be screwed, but not all the time.

Why would you want to screw a teacher? You're just sick. jk

the fact that cops are nothing without guns and backup i got taken to the station because my friend was there


I hate it how people try to hide the truth and call it something else. eg. My school renamed 'homework' with 'extended learning tasks' and PE as 'well being' WTF, it doesn't make any sense.

1) Marriage as an economic contract rather than a consensual romantic/sexual relationship. 2) Republican democracy as an oligarchic proxy rather than representative government. 3) Capitalism. Oh, sorry. You people are high school students. You'll learn about this stuff later...

LOL, i see, not disagreeing or anything, but further elaborate on number 3 ( as in this is a problem as opposed to?)

. I heartily agree with 1 & 2, but Capitalism?!? Maybe not perfect, but what's any better? Communism and Socialism look good on paper, but don't seem to work in the real world.

they work well untill the group gets spoiled. in small enough groups that does not happen

Thank you everyone who gave a good answer, and stuck to the ibles "constructive answer/ be nice policy" unlike "others"

Socialism has worked before in Yugoslavia under the rule of Marshall Tito. When he died, every one of the regions grew power hungry and it broke out into civil war.

some leaders can hold a fractured group together. but if the group destructed after he died it means that it was allready bad in a small group there is little or no power hunger and everybody knows everybody else which keeps hungers down

I could not be happier with the way that comment went.

I understand your first point....

The fact that it produces people who are compelled to make useless complaining topics like this one.

"Ooohhh, look at me, i hold my head most high for giving you high schoolers such an answer, i willn now go take a dip in the bath of "righteous", self declared maturity"

Haha. You assume my age and attitude on the basis of one (1) data point - incorrectly I might add. I didn't declare myself mature or righteous.

So someone who holds a different opinion than you must be self-righteous? But, what would you call someone who proclaims someone else who holds an opposing opinion self-righteous? Perhaps, self-righteous themselves? ;)

That it produces bad spellers who don't appreciate what it has done for them? Or who feel the need to use inappropriate language on a family-oriented site?

Holidays, they just exist to shame people into spending traditions- This is how we've always done it, so let's keep doing it this way. Keeping up with the Jonesism.

accepting what is wrong (factory farms / nation of consumers / etc)

banning what is not wrong (grass / modded telephone equipment / etc)

forced overall system dumbness instead of individual per-case smart solutions

dress codes.