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So, a girl from our school died yesterday... Answered

A girl from my school was hit by a car on friday. She was grievously injured and passed away after being in a coma on Monday night.
Rest in peace.


That's horrible... I'm so sorry.

I had to tell the wife of one of our top staff members that her husband had been killed. Watching someones face go from smiling good morning to absolute horror, was quite frankly horrible. It happened on the tar road that runs through the farm. He went visiting on a bicycle, was supposed to be back before dark but had a puncture. So he was pushing his bike on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic walking west into that really bad lighting. Darned if he doesn't get hit from behind by a car passing another car. 150km of nothing and then on that spot.....What are the odds?


8 years ago

RIP  that's so sad :'(

 my best wishes to her. rip :(


8 years ago

Rest.....  In.....  Peast.....

Man, That's really sad. I'm so sorry.


8 years ago

Sorry to hear that.... :'(

Well, with the general feeling in this thread, I have no idea if the situation could be shed in a more positive (I guess) light. At least  she won't have to deal with some of the more ....... uneducated and slow individuals.

And now to perpetuate the sadness, a classmate of mine in high school had cancer and died from it. I'm pretty sure he had it all for years. Hew made it to graduation even though his doctor recommended he not attend the ceremony.
Anyway it was a little bit into my first semester of college I learned that he had it and died from it.

Sympathies all round - that kind of thing really brings a school down.

I remember when I had to tell my own class that a classmate had died that morning.  It was about eight years ago, but the memory is still unpleasant.

Wait, a class you were teaching, or were you in college or something?
(Sorry to hear the also)

It was my tutor group ("home room" in America?) - they were 11.

If you mean what I think you do, yes homeroom.

It's the kids I registered, and who I looked after pastorally.  I don't my own class any more; as a Year Head, I have five classes to look after.


8 years ago

My condolences.  That's never cool. I remember when I was in school, we had quite a few deaths. 3 or 4.

I knew the one guy quite well, not best friends but we talked now and then at school.  He got drunk by a train yard and got hit by one.

Sorry to hear that...

My aunty died yesternight :-(

Yeah, I'm alright thanks. She had a odd terminal disease for about 5 years, last time I saw her it was so bad she couldn't remember who I was.

Yeah, my father-in-law is suffering from Alzheimer's and he is starting to get to that point of forgetting most everyone (although he still remembers most of his offspring, he gets them confused sometimes).  It is sad on a "bad day" he rambles and asks questions about thing that either are no longer happening, or just can't happen.  
There is no "getting better" from this disease...

It is hard on the immediate family, but they have never experienced any of this before....the worst is yet to come, when he can't remember them, and gets angry about it.....it can be heartbreaking, really.

Sorry to hear that.  3/4 of my grandparents died, but the good side is that the one grandparent that hasn't died yet is in excellent condition.

All my grandparents are very healthy and there all over 80!

Excellent (it's a thing older people sometimes boast about)


it's a respectful pause, and also, no offense, but i don't really damn

well I hope he didn't mean "dam"  or he could be thinking of changing gender ;-)

8 years ago

I guess we're sharing our depressing school stories here, so here goes:

4 years ago, a girl in my class was riding on the back of her step-dad's motorcycle on the way to school. It was her birthday, and the ride was one thing she wished for. Her step-dad thought a semi was turning left, but it was just swinging around to go right. He plowed right into the side. Her legs went under-COMPLETELY UNDER- the tires, and his head bounced off the rim.
Her legs are still messed up, but he's fine. Can you imagine how guilty he musta felt though?...


a guy fom my school fell off his horse two terms ago, he is still in a coma. they had to remove part of his skull. he was in my mates cricket team.

In coma for more than a month? Wow. But i guess that isn't so bad, considering one guy recently woke up from coma thinking it was 1982.


8 years ago

One girl in my class once had a unexpected seizure. We went on Eire canal trip that day. We "evacuated" to a nearby classroom. This was the first time i ever had been in a real emergency with someone else.

i know someone ill be praying for! ,,several someones actually,,


Coincidentally, someone in my old school was hit by a bus, and is still in hospital.
Also, two days ago, they found the body of a 15 year old who was reported absent from school on Monday.
Too many people die.


8 years ago

i guy in my old school died... RIP

im very sorry to hear that, my thoughts are with her and her family. let her R.I.P

That's a very sobering reminder about the dangers of driving, or simply walking as this case shows. My thoughts are with you my friend.

Did you like her?  I'm sorry to hear that she died, but the only reason I would see you post this topic is that you had some kind of affection for her.

Never actually spoke to her, barely even knew her. No, i didn't "like" her, at least in the sense that you are referring to.