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So if you purchased a used ambulance... What would you do with it? Answered

I work at a private ambulance company, and I made friends with the head mechanic and found out he may sell me a used diesel ambulance, fully functioning, for a little more than $1000.

In order to justify my purchase, I would need an idea of what I could construct out of the ambulance I would now have in my possession. 

My first thought was: A-TEAM VAN REPLICA

I would speak with a couple tech colleges and offer them the ambulance for a semester, free of charge, for them to train on. It would be a prime example of the real world of a diesel mechanic's future career. Then go to the same, or a new tech college and find the car detailing or modification department and let them create the projected A-TEAM replica van. I would not only let them use a fully operational vehicle to modify to their liking, I would also use my above average graphic arts skills, and work history in direct mail advertising, to design a mailing to put out for them promoting their school and department of it, and then show awesome before and after pictures of the ambulance, and use it as an attentioN-getter to draw new students into their programs.
A-TEAM VAN, with paint mods and maybe diesel engine modifications.
...Or I could mount large speakers in the external cabinets that i could just open up and lock them at 45 degrees, and stand in the middle of the back doors with a microphone and a couple computers mixing dance music.
...The lights and sirens and PA horns are all still in it and working....

I am just trying to drum up some of your creative passions and make you get out your thinking caps to run ideas by me and see what I might be able to do with this new toy!

Lets get the ball rolling! I say an A-TEAM van would be sweet... What do you think?
See attd, pictures.


does it come with the stretcher and the aid bag and other equipment? You could donate those to a local volunteer fire department. The tax deduction on those would be more than worth the 1k price tag on the ambulance.

Unfortunately, no it wont. The gear used in it isn't expired, and they wouldn't waste them by selling it with the ambulance. That would be great!
I could definitely see the benefit to donating the gear. I could definitely donate the radios if it came with those too, those are expensive, and I think small departments would really appreciate that!

I kinda agree with caitlinsdad... I know there are some communities that just don't have the budget for a fully functioning ambulance such as this one. Although it would crush your dreams of forming the new A-Team; the idea of a charitable donation (after the school did some restoration work), would not only leave you with a nice warm fuzzy feeling, but it could also benefit you come tax time. ;)

Other organizations that could benefit from a vehicle with such a heavy duty suspension would be one that works with physically disabled people. If the vehicle was modified to accommodate a ramp and allow those in wheelchairs with a safe place to tether in, it would be a great asset to any organization that needs to transport those in wheelchairs (such as children needing to visit hospital or veterans).

If 'donating' isn't what you were thinking, and you can't get the other A-Team members, why not form a Ghostbusters service? Then you can put up an instructable after you create the gadgets to zap, lasso and contain those pesky ghosts. ;)

oh btw, you did an admirable job on covering up the insignia on the ambulance. (I'm also a graphic artist and so I spotted the cover up). ;)

Well... I don't think its THAT discrete, especially as I dont see why the ambulance would have been painted black (while the one behind it wasn't) :)

Over here, black ones are typically used to collect bodies from morgues.

O, i didnt know that... But i do not think that that ambulance was orignally black still :) Though i agree, that the work to cover up the logo was quite good :)

as in black you mean?... yes. but i dont think they would be considered ambulances XD

Aren't S.W.A.T trucks just glorified bread trucks? :P

Ethical / moral issues aside, it would make an awesome festival camper:

Graffiti-up the outside, install bunks inside (you should be able to fit a stack of 3 on one side, and still have space for storage (clothes, cooking stuff), and you could connect the lights to a sound-rig for a mobile disco.

You could cover the outside in LEDs for an incredible lighting display.

The roof could be strong enough to support chairs and a scope to watch distant bands.

You could massively increase the habitable volume by adding awnings to both sides and the back (if your skills and budget are up to it, the awnings could meet and connect, turning your van into a four-room palace).

>furrows brow<

What are the ethical and moral issues...? Maybe I'm just being dense.

As raised by Caitlinsdad - there are plenty of groups that could use a $1000 ambulance *as* an ambulance.

In the UK, if it can STILL be used as an ambulance by the Emergency services, it gets a MUCH reduced road tax.

A lot of the 101 ambis - like the one Lizzy and I have - have stayed as ambis for that reason. They get some funny looks at shows.



3 years ago

Make it into a nice storage trailer, or a small RV! though for that you'd be better off with an old school bus!

I have often thought this would make the greatest work vehicle of all time! I travel alot to different hospitals fixing medical equipment so it would be a great mobile office/parts storage/tools storage etc. Plus I could park in the ambulance parking... just kidding. Also would make a sweet camper you could make a tent that comes out the back like the pontiac aztec only this would be cooler. Would also make a good setup for people that work in welding possibly I mean they have oxygen tanks built in already.

Once it goes in private hands, do your local ordinances require the removal of the light package/siren for emergency vehicles? The A-team van was an ordinary conversion van but hey, this would be one on steroids. I would think that other volunteer ambulance services in smaller towns or something would be begging to get hold of a special purpose vehicle at that price. But, if you want to joyride in that, it's your call even thought the guilt is absolved by letting the schools use it for training. Put in your application for burning man now if you plan on turning into some type of party/art vehicle. Good luck.

mine did. I know this because when i bought a water tanker truck from the fire department to put a mixer for farm use.

I had one once. Drove it across Australia in a charity car rally.


6 years ago

First thing i would do is convert it over to run on veg oil!!!

That sounds like a good idea, but how about I 1^up you and have it run at a multitudes higher diesel fuel efficiency by using water to create hydrogen and oxygen gasses through electrolysis, then reduce the amount of diesel injected into the piston and replacing the air intake with hydrogen gas from one side, oxygen from the other.
The amount of energy produced through the combustion of the HHO gas when mixed with the diesel fuel serving as an ignition sounds so amazing. My thoughts still lie at rest when I think about how rapidly the piston would have to move once the HHO explosion occurs, and the amount of energy it creates would possibly be so strong that it could actually blow up the cylinder instead of run the energy into the drive train...
I have been musing on this thought for a couple years now, and that's where I've stopped...

An HHO generator is a good idea as well, you could easily and cheaply make one, in fact i have a bunch of stainless steel plates because i am going to be making one soon. and you could build one too and there is no danger of blowing your engine apart. it does not produce that kind of power.

SWAT painted on the side would turn some heads!

I would rather buy a used limo.

I like Kiteman's idea of the festival camper, but Canucksgirl's Ghostbuster idea is pretty sweet as well!

I would make a zombie bus duh.

Off post-topic, on zombie-topic:
Have you seen "Ahh! Zombies - A Love Story"? It is a quirky zombie movie mostly formt he point of the zombies, who think thay they are fine and everyone else has gone crazy.

I think so, I saw something like that on netflix. It was awesome. I love zombie everything. I could take on an apocolypse...knock on wood.

I would convert it to a limousine and rent it out. Who wouldn't want to show up to prom with lights and sirens blaring?

make it into a camper. its big enough to fit 2 beds, a small kitchen (stove, sink etc.), and perhaps a small supper table...maby even a crapper and small shower.

My choice would be road-trip-camper-van, but I am getting old and creaky. Do whatever floats your boat ;-)

If you need a vehicle, you shouldn't let anyone guilt-trip you into paying for a major overhaul and then giving it away. It would be different if you were planning to blow it up for fun or otherwise destroy it rather than let someone use it.

About 8 or 9 years ago a friend and i where looking into buying one to be converted into a mobile LAN party. We would host Birthday parties and run the gaming setup for various events. We would host outdoor events with the built in Network and generators on the van. Or we could set up a LAN party indoors. All the equipment would be easily stowed and transported on the van.

How about a mobile joke-shop?