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So what is a JVC KT-HD300? Answered

I just got a new JVC HD radio but the HD channels keep going in and out. I have spoken to a few radio people and the only way to fix this is to buy, “JVC KT-HD300” but I feel like that’s just an antenna amplifier. So what is “JVC KT-HD300.”



"Works with JVC "HD Radio Ready" Receivers to provide HD Radio tuning with Multicast functionality."
I'd say that is what it gives you over the existing device.


Looks like an antenna amp and mp3 player adapter.  It only works with the JVC HD radio.  It's too bad JVC didn't make the radio receiver strong enough in the first place.  Even though HD radio is clearer with out static it's like HD tv you have to have a strong signal or you won't get anything.  Analog radio/tv would just fade and get more static.

So the price of a antenna amplifier is 6.50.... and the JVC KT-HD300 is 99.95. So why is it so much more when it's the same thing?...

A regular antenna amp. may not work with the radio or may not work as well.  It's got their name on it so they're gonna charge more for it.  I couldn't find that it did anything other than what I posted earlier.  If it was me, I'd take a chance on wasting $6.50 before I'd spend the $100.