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So...what would YOU do with a broken Win98 computer? Answered

Well...I'm sure you have seen this forum post about me trying to find out what was wrong with my computer. It is WAS a Windows 98 computer.
We took it to the guy to fix it, and he said that the fan cooling the CPU stopped (!). Then it fried itself (*sigh*) and somehow messed up the memory as well.
THEN he said he replaced those components, and it STILL didn't work! So he basically (but not really) said, "Well, I guess you're screwed...want to buy one of our ridiculously high priced computers to replace it?"


Well, I was gonna tear it down...I know I can get hard drive magnets and stuff from it, a (?) power supply, various lasers from the CD drive, and other stuff.
I KNOW you guys have some good ideas.
What would YOU make if you had the entire computer to tear apart?


I actually DO have an entire computer to take apart. The OS is soo sold, the icons are about the size of a 9V lol. I also have a busted LCD screen from my moms work, so I will have some good fun during the summer!

Sorry, just joking. How about just repairing it yourself, buy a cpu and another cooling unit, and then give us a real cool case mod! How about that?

Haha, eat it...WTF? I THOUGHT of repairing it...it is still an option. Where would I buy the stuff? Case mod? Yep, I thought of it. I have some Plexi in the garage, some LEDs layin around...yep, that's an option...

Well Then GET CRACKING! You got yerself a power supply, a motherboard, a grahics card, and hard disk, some typ of optical drive, and a CPU. Well, you said the Cpu is dead, so buy a new one! Actually, you don't even need a hard drive. Popsci did a 73$ PC article once. Google that and see if anyone still has that. It wouldn't cost you anything close to 72$ as you have most of the parts! As for where to buy, allelectronics.com isn't a bad choice, and i think they have what you need for cheaps. otherwise, any internet shop'll do. Have you ever considered making a hard drive speaker? That would be cool. If you don't like any of them, you have 2 choices: 1. cook it, THEN EAT IT! 2. Give it to me and I WILL EAT IT

I actually have that issue on my desk. I read it often when im bored...

I have the Popsci article on it somewhere...I'll have to dig it out and read it. And, I don't know if I said it, but the computer guy said he replaced the CPU and the memory and it STILL didn't work, so I would need to replace the motherbaord...or something like that...

ohh, must have missed that. moterboard would make sense. if not, there are still plenty of other choices!

HEY, that $72 PC looks like a good option! Too bad I dont' know what teh heck half the stuff on there is...

i cant find the article... thats too bad because i was interested.

ah thanks. maybe my google skills need some work... do you know about when the article was written? i cant find a date other than the copyright one at the bottom of the page.

I think it was some issue in July. Yeah, July. I have it's print counterpart here. Why do you want to know when it was from?

Do you know the "age" of the computer ? If it is pre-2003, it probably is not too "upgradible", at least, not without major surgery. If the HD is like, a 20 gig (or smaller), you are talking about a PITA (pain in the arse) if you want to "reuse" it.

Whoops, it gonna be a PITA; the HD is like 5GB....

Yeah, in other words, it is ok to use as a little additional storage device, but I don't think you could even get XP on that HD with much operating space left over LOL (heck with Win98 on there, how did anything run, assuming you had a FAT16 allocation table ? )

What's a FAT16 allocation table?

It ran fine, I could run inkscape, theGIMP, Winamp, and stuff like that separately, without it slowing down. It starts to get angry when I run those programs together...

Well, I'm not sure, seeing as I can't boot up my computer...

Well, I was just saying that the FAT16 used more HD real estate then FAT32 but it was one or the other of those two if you had WIN98. So, no trouble with your swap files slowing you down then? Still the HD will probably not be useful as far as using on a new machine.....that was what I was thinking.....especially if a new one has a SCSI drive architecture.

So we can say FAT16 is a fat filesystem ;)

Not sure what you just said (remember, pretend you are talking to a 6 year old), but do you think I could use some of the stuff on the $73 PC?

If it has the same specs as the list in that link....

I am not sure I know what type of HD your computer uses, or the memory or the other things listed on that project.

A caveat to note that the site gives you:
NOTE: If your BIOS is too old for permitting USB booting, you might need an IDE drive (floppy, CD-R, or fixed disk) for flashing a more modern BIOS release into your system memory.

are the batteries any good?

I would take out any useful components and throw away the unwanted stuff.

cut the gold off on the processor (cpu) and sell it

i usualy take out every circuit board i can find and de-solder all the components. get the powersource, hd, CD thingy and get the motors. then usualy put the case back together and make "modern art"

Time to get out the shotgun...... I would probably use it for target practice, then salvage what ever isn't TOTALLY DESTROYED. But Before I did any of the computer "murdering" I would save the hard drive (sounds like it still works) and maybe the CD drive in case of the tragedy of something in your OVER PRICED new computer failing. Or maybe you just wanna have an extra drive in your computer. I actually have a HD from a 95 or maybe 98 computer in my new computer to backup my flash drive. Any ways thats what I would do.

time to take it out back........................ im working on an instructabel on what to do with dead computer motherboards. you ma want to keep the board.

I would make a chair. Computers are surprisingly strong when one sits/stands on it. But, I suppose it depends on how much you weigh.

Ooo, just the computer though, not the monitor.....that could get, um, explosive (or should I say "implosive"? :-)

Yeah, just don't sit on the monitor.

My first "real" PC, had a HD with all of 10 MEG on it LOL (t'was an 8088)

It has twice the storage of my old Win98 computer. Can't say I have ever found the assorted condom out in the parking lot... but we did find one on the school bus once.

personally id remove the capacitors to make a huge electrical storage bay, then id get the rest of the thing and burn it inside my mortal enemies house, releasing toxic fumes! muhahahaha


10 years ago

At this point, I'd probably throw it away and buy a cheap newer computer. Possibly even a NEW computer like a low-end Dell (I mean, $400 gets you a system with an LCD display and windows; it's almost like getting the CPU for free.) And pentium III class computers similar to that $72 computer are typically available used for less than $72, and they'll run W98 just fine.

oops. Unless you were going to do that anyway, and want to know what to do with the remains of the old computer... Disk drive: platters, magnets. CD drive: up to three useful motors, assorted gears, magnets, laser diode. Power supply: power transistors (with enough leads that they can just be clipped off; no desoldering required.) Assorted toroids (ie for Joule Thief) Don't overlook the cables; it's depressing whenever I build something and realize that the major expense would be wire, if I had to buy it.


10 years ago

Take apart one side of the HDD and keep it(on display)so the platters are on show... Take apart the CD drive, try and use the laser from it. (read: Kipkay's iBle) keep the fans, brush hair with the CPU... xD keep the LED's enter the LED contest.....

Well, I did have a few (mostly 286's though), from which I got a almost nothing (pre-cd era), and floppies were still, um floppy LOL. There were nice stepper motors in those drives, but then that was also Pre-web era, and I couldn't find any specs on them. Most of them are gone now, especially that monstrous HD that crashed in my 8088 (it was pretty big, and had all of 10 meg of space on it). Had I held onto them until this day and age, I might have had some use of components, but back then I was a bit naive. :-)

golly gee, we're regular rocket scientists, aren't we?

you know what...ill take that giant match and set you on fire...you like making fun of me dont you?

lol, im sorry, i think you took my comment wrong, i wasn't intendng to make fun of you

Noo, I am LOL, the equation should go as follows:

(broken pc.gunpowder)[giant match] = B00M = FIRE {fire suppression} = Loads of FUN!!!!

Take out all the gubbins, then fill the monitor, box and keyboard with concrete. Cement them together, then use them as a geek bollard.