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Sociable Tandem Cargo Trike Answered

Your next car could be a tricycle! Check out our Kickstarter to learn whether you are ready to pedal alongside your friend and be part of our sustainable future. And, enjoy our video; we had a ton of fun making it. :)


Looks like a remixed Surrey bike...

Thanks! Hopefully we can be as successful as they have been.

(We think our design is far sweeter. Plus, we have a super-granny gear so the Safari Trike can climb hills far better than a Surrey. Oh, and our wheels are farther apart, so we are more stable. And our shade canopy is actually a roof rack so you can carry bulky lightweight items. And the steering can be done by either rider, so you don't have awkward issues around Patriarchy and control creeping in to your ride time)

That looks so fun.