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Sociology Research Assignment Answered

I'm doing a research project for my High School sociology class and need to interview a couple of adults, I was hoping to find some more interesting people than my parents and teachers lol. I'm looking for people around their 30's and up, but feel free to post if you want to share anyways. All the questions are directed toward what you did when you were a teenager (however far off that may seem ;-)

Birth year:

1. What slang terms were common/popular when you were a teenager?

2. What did you do for fun?

3.What were you concerned about globally?

4.What was the Dumbest thing you did when you were a teenager?

5.What did you want to be when you grew up? (did you even want to grow up at all) What did you become?

6.What was your Relationship with elders and your general view of elders?

7. What was your Favorite thing to do with your friends?

8. What was the biggest thing that was considered normal/accepted then but is now not considered normal/accepted now?

9. What types of cliques/social groups were there? (jocks, preps, band nerds ect.)

10. What was your first car?



8 years ago

Birth year: 1971

1. I can't remember any.

2. Hang out with friends, chat with friends on phone, read.

3. Nuclear war, it terrified me, gave me nightmares.

4. Started smoking.

5. I wanted to work in a biology/health science related field -that's what I'm doing now.

6. Generally respectful.

7. Hang out at the mall, or just hang out.

8. Disregard for the environment (eg. everything was thrown in the trash nothing was recycled).

9. There were cliques but they didn't really have labels as such.

10. VW bug, I forget what year it was made, though I think it was older than me.

Birth year: 1967

1. I was not conscious of using slang in my teens (modes of speech were not a fashion statement, but a result of class/education)

2. Read.

3. Nuclear war

4. Hold the bare wires of a record turntable whilst running it.

5. Pondered being an optician in my early teens, but didn't make proper career plans until my thirties, just went with the flow.  Now a teacher, planning to stay that way.

6. Fairly respectful.

7. Snooker, talk fantasy novels.

8. Drink-driving.  Marital violence.  Open sexism/racism.

9. Male v female.  Working families v unemployed.  Educated v uneducated.

10. British Leyland Mini City.  998cc engine.  Harvest Gold paint-job.

Sweet, thanks for the input. For #9 I was referring more to high school cliques as in jocks, preps, band kids ect. (like stereotypes).

OK, I guess you could say I was a nerd, but that was before they invented nerds, and there wasn't really a clique mentality "in my day".

Don't forget, either, that I'm posting from the UK.

haha yeah, I think the whole mentality is a US thing, its all pretty dumb anyways

XD You were a nerd before they invented nerds...

(Are you sure you weren't a geek? There's a subtle difference...)

Reading Asimov and Tolkein, school pack covered in Dwarven runes...

Whilst in my teens I knew a few people doing sociology, a lot of us thought of it as a "doss" subject - there's one slang term for you.
(no offence intended)


Haha, yes it is a blow off class, that is also why I took it. I have a bunch of International Baccalaureate (hard) classes and was looking for something fun and easy.

You sum up what we meant by "doss" very well - I guess we weren't too far wrong?
I couldn't give good answers for the others, except maybe "drinking".