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Soda / Pop / Fizzy drinks...whatever you call it, It's bloody damn GOOD! Answered


Yeah, so there are many words to call the "drink" but it all boils down to one fact :

I'ts Lovely!

Soda / Pop, ( gets called different in the U.k than U.S.A), I'ts lovely isn't it.

Whats your top 3 favourite flavours or brands?

Mine are:

  • Fanta - Fruit twist ( So refreshing! )
  • Dr Pepper - Normal ( Very nice stress reliever! )
  • Sprite - Normal ( A bit of a kick )

Anyways just asking different people, when / if you buy six packs of Pop / Soda how much does it cost for you?

Cause for me it is *1pound and 22 pence*. Is that a good deal? ( comparing to other places).

Also don't you think Pop / Soda is addictive. I always feel like having another can after the one I had! My parents always nagg me about drinking to much!

{ Remember we are talking about NON alcaholic drinks!)

; D


There's this great stuff called tap water...invented by the ancient Romans...it goes for about four thousandths of a cent per gallon.

I always feel like having another can after the one I had!
That's because soda/pop/soft drinks/carbonated beverages typically have so much sugar and other added crap that it dries you out more than it hydrates you.

Of course I drink water! This froum topic was only about what sodas you guys liked...( jeez)

Not to mention the HTFC, which some doctors believe causes you to not feel full, unlike sugar.

If you think the sugar makes you thirsty....look at the SODIUM content! Salt is what really makes you thirst for more. This is why even the sugarless ones make you want more.

Cherry coke, tap water

I avoid all sugar-free soda, not because of any paranoia about sweeteners, but because they taste foul - that stuff is sickly sweet.

(Bizarrely, Kitewife drinks diet sodas because she finds the sugary ones too sweet. Go figure.)

I think there must be some genetic component to whether you find artificial sweeteners acceptable or not (and it might be different for each sweetener) (sorta like cilantro?) I can't stand them myself... I'm a Pepper. Colas a distant second.

I hate all soda/pop/soft drinks/carbonated beverages!!


I used to drink Tab Clear a few years back, It was a cola tasting clear fizzy drink. Went through gallons of the stuff then suddenly you couldn't buy it! Now its normal water and healthy skin/kidneys/breath etc. Try it hot!

I drank Fresca at one time, but when they put me on Cholesterol meds, I had to stop. The grapefruit juice in it, although good for me, is detrimental to the effectiveness of the medication. I drink mostly water, teas, and some coffee now; the carbonation tends to make my acid reflux worse. Occasionally I will sneak a JOLT! or a Ginger Beer (Jamaican style, real ginger ale with capsicum in it)



10 years ago

Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Coke Zero Cherry. I used to like Sprite Zero, but I just grew out of it, I guess. Now, if we're talking about what I drink on a day-to-day basis, I drink water mostly.

I have a fond taste for Dr. Pepper, but also Fresca.

Fresca is a Coca-Cola brand with 0 calories, and 0 everything. It is like a 0 calorie sprite.

My dad used to own a restaurant, and he told me that the paper cups were actually more expensive than the pop/soda! Bottled stuff is such a rip off!

I drink a mix of Diet Dr Pepper and Diet Coke. I don't buy it in bottles or cans. I have not done that in years. I have a 100-ounce mug (about 3 liters) that I fill once or twice a day. It costs me $0.84 to fill it where I normally go. Sometimes it costs anywhere from $0.75 to $1.07 to fill. I like your can holder. I made a AA battery holder almost like that out of cardboard.

Lol. Sorry, i'ts not mine...Got the picture from internet.

soda's good stuff. not very expensive over here in the US... course i live about 50 miles from the Coke factory; you can go on a tour and sample like 70 different "beta" cokes :]