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Soda can fisheye lens Answered

Make your own cheap fisheye lens for your camera with a peephole lens. This type of hack has been covered before including here and here, but it's always cool to see another take on it

The fisheye tin cam via Photojojo


That's awesome!!!! =D

Nice! What size is your camera lens that your using with this? I did this but got an extra large viewer/peephole at a hardware store in Brooklyn Chinatown, it fit right over my point and shoot lens.

I gotta try this. I've done remotely the same thing with binocular lenses for macro shots, but never a fish eye. Very innovative. Fitting additional lenses to a portable digital camera is a pain though.

The effect is really neat 

Really cool!


8 years ago

Any ideas from anyone on adapting one onto by Canon PowerShot A540? I found the lens adapter for it, but it is cone shaped, as opposed to just a short ring for the EOS.  Thanks!

That's rather nice   :-)