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Soda carbonation? Answered

Hi I want to carbonate my own soda with co2 (everytime I use yeast it comes out wrong/disgusting). I know I need a co2 tank and a keg, but what do I need in between? (simplest system possible).



yip soda streams make great kegs i use one for dispensing home brewed beer out of 25lt and 50 lt thick hard blue plastic barrels,works great but beer gets a bit flat towards the end of a 50 lt.

Go to a car boot sale where you will find a SodaStream.  The SodaStream appeared in the 1970's and is one of those devices which someone buys, uses half a dozen times and then puts away in a cupboard.   Several years later they will be having a house clearout, find the SodaStream and take it to the aforementioned car boot sale.  Someone will buy the item, use it half a dozen times . . . and so the cycle repeats.
It is a fact that no new SodaStreams have been manufactured since 1979 - The same ones have been going around and around from person to person through the years. 

they make newer ones now infact I have one

Yeast only really works with alcoholic drinks (there's trade-off there...).
So you might consider brewing fizzy-lager instead?
Andy has given you what I consider to be the best answer.
Re is right, but I don't think those are best for you.


Take a look that the Related col.  There are several inst. on just exactly what you are looking for.