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Sodium Chlorate production other ways? Answered

sodium chlorate production without the need of keeping the solution at around 50-70°C from  the electrical power used for electrolysis?
 sodium chlorate production besides having to heat from amperage the sodium chloride solution and electrolysis then would a catalysis to help with oxygenating the solution like instead of water use 3% hydrogen peroxide or manganese dioxide or ever ammonium nitrate and yield sodium chlorate using electralysis with out needing to keep the solution at 50-70°C? 


Do it like the Instructable says.

If you think you can better that do it. Don't ask how to do something to your convenience without knowing what your talking about and being able to express that clearly.


just wondering i that will work and no im not wanting to to better than any one just wondering if it will work sorry im not being very clear

I don't know what it is you want to try really. The end product is produced from chlorine as an oxidant, if you've got some reasonable chemical theory what would that be?

The question sounds a lot like "Rather than doing that, can I do it with what I have got?" Maybe, but it needs good science behind it, and the electrolysis method works: salt & current. Is there a specific problem with that process that someone could help you with?


well im attempting it now with the solution at room temperature and a solution of salt and manganese dioxide using a 6v battery for electrolysis hopefully this yields sodium chlorate without needing to heat the solution

Manganese dioxide is in a fairly low oxidation state (IV), you'd do better with permanganate(VII), but I still advise you heat it - bucket of hot water perhaps?


i might also try ammonium nitrate im alright not sure if it will make sodium nitrate mixed with it instead but  is a better oxidizer and maybe end up with sodium chlorate

You're still guessing here, go for something that works eh?


sodium chlorate production without grammar or punctuation using gibberish as a catalyst