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Software for blueprinting Answered

Right now I'm blueprinting a project in Photoshop but even with the exact numbers i have to scale it up whem putting int in my project, I could just remake the files to fix the issue but there has to be software out there that makes the process simplier so i dont have to hand calculate distances between cuts and the like


figured i'd attack a copy of my current blue print to see what i'm trying to improve the system for. As you can see I have markers for the big objects but no numbers fo say how far things are down set from center and generally it's hand acutare but not perfect

year 1 black box.png

The yenka software suggested by MDheliMech might be what you are trying to do.  I am guessing you want to physically place the components in a case and mate them up to the circuit board or PCB design.  It looks like this has the 3D CAD component you need to use.  Otherwise, you might want to use 123D or google sketchup - not sure of who has what libraries of objects - switches, knobs, battery holders, etc to make it easy to add those components to the 3D layout.

I use a free program called yenka. It's not very powerful, but it is really basic. I haven't used any of the others mentioned here but I have to imagine they are better than what I use.

What kind of project are the "blueprints" for? Mechanical drawing, architectural, electronic?

Somewhere there is a thread to all the free electronic circuit design and layout tools like Eagle, fritzing, etc.

i'm trying to find something more for figuring out the physical diagram and less the circut. From what i can tell that's more for the current flow which i know i'll have to revise a few times once i start prototyping but I want to be able to lay out the actual placement of the component inside my work box and my PCB so i can properly arrange things

I'm not sure but I think you should be able to specify the dimension of your work area or circuit board and then proceed to lay out the components, even if an odd shaped board. I'm sure others will chime in here.