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Solar Energy Answered

Hi, i would like to ask for opinion, i am building a solar system where my system start from using a fresnel lense to collect the sun and use it to heat up a boiler, the boiler transfer steam into my tesla turbine and the turbine will turn my generator to produce electricity. Do anyone have any idea of building an own boiler instead of using a pressure cooker that i had seen this idea in somewhere, And, is there any places can provide cheaper fresnel lense as the sun focusing tool?? i will need a cheaper price lense cause of shortage in my budget of my final year project... 



Aaa, I would use a mirror to intensify the light energy on your boiler. It is simple and if close to the boiler and large enough, sun tracking may not be required! Mirrors are everywhere so it is easy to try out.

A pressure cooker is already designed to withstand pressure, so I would go with that.

For a fresnel lens, look for a defunct overhead projector ("OHP"), as they have a foot-square lens under the glass.

Thanks a lot for the advice , but all this is already in my concern and i would like to know more other method or way to solve the problem with low cost. The OHP's fresnel lense is strong enough to heat up the water in short while??? i never tried it and its a bit difficult for me to find my place also....

There was this one instructable that said you could get gigantic fresnel lenses off of projector TV's and such. NOT CRT (I have to stress it, if you break the glass of the CRT, don't touch it. It's most likely toxic)! He said you could get such TV's from junkyards and craigslist under the "free" category. You know what, never mind, found the guy's I'ble. Refer to that.

i read that too...but anywhere, i still cant find that kind of lens in my country...haha
anywhere, very thanks a lot for telling that and looking at my problem... by the way, do you have any idea can get cheap fresnel from internet???

According to the aforementioned author of the presented I'ble, you can (maybe) find some at craigslist under the "free" category. Other than that, I have no internet resources available so I usually just find stuff that my friends don't use anymore. You could check your neighbors or other neighboring people (lol, redundant). Either you can google around, or ask I'bles members around using the "ask a question" feature. I got nothing else to say.