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Solar Panel Problem? Answered

I have a solar panel which can turn a 6 volt DC motor with efficiency, but when I tried to use a 2.5volt ordinary motor, it did not turn. Can you give me any help in identifying the possible defects?


What do you mean by 2.5volt ordinary motor?

Solar cells supply DC current.

Your motor may need more current than the solar cell can supply.

Your 2.5 volt motor may be an AC motor or a pulse motor meaning it needs AC current or a pulsing current.

Are your connections good?

If your connections are good the brushes may be bad.

Is the motor good?

The connections and the motor are good. I had tested the motor with a cell.
I had not used solar cells, but direct solar energy.

I found the problem. Actually it is a bit of a silly mistake. When I had tried the DC motor, it had been the early afternoon with sunlight and when I had tried to try the other motor it had been the evening.

I imagine, the 2.5volt ordinary motor requires more amps then the PV panel can put out.