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Solar cookery Answered

Hi there. I am just new to the site, I have been wanting to practice solar cookery for a while when i stumbled upon this site. Guys I am amazed at what i have found here. I live in Noosa, Australia and its a very eco minded community.

I have wanted to go and build a solar oven for a while but i live in an appartment so space is limited. we have a balcony which gets a large amount of sun in the morning till about 1pm. So i have an idea to build a water heater of sorts which i would like to be able to used to preserve food in the form of jams chutneys and any jared preserve basicly ( I'm also a chef so i have a know of alot ot things i can preserve including meats ) . I think my only issue is reaching high enough temperatures to be deemed safe ( above 78 C for long periods) . 

My idea to do this is to use a larger sized container say around the size of a 5 litre bucket and set up a heat sink to help the temperature to get higher longer.  For the heat sink materials i was thinking of using aluminium cans and perhaps to line the bucket with it too ( perhaps just foil instead for ease). I would like to set up and array around the bucket to help collect as much sun as possible for as long as possible and seal the entire container to help condense the water pressure to sustain the heat. 

I guess i question is will a large abound of heat sinks help to heat the water significantly. any advice would be welcome and yes i wull document this when i make it on my next days off work.


I have just put a solar oven design up..


What I think would suit you more though is a 'Fresnal lens'.. do a seach.

Hope this helps....

I tell you what:
gaiatechnician has a lot of experience (theoretical & practical)


thanks ill have a word. doing some tests on materials to day ( have a few ideas on how to set it up).

I also have started on a design for a hot plate but that might take a while.

You can put "solar oven" in the search box above to see all the instructables on solar ovens and get some tips and techniques there. Canning food requires a lot of boiling water to sterilize jars so I guess the trick is to maintain the source of heat for the specified amount of time. Not sure if a small solar rig has the capability for that amount of heat output. Good luck.